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"Heremus had said that if it could not carry the physical heart of the planet within, it could at least carry the great spirit of this once beautiful world."
Angonce's thoughts, Journey's End

Great Being
Powers Unknown
Tools Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Pronunciation Heh-REE-muss

Heremus is a Great Being, one of the former rulers of Spherus Magna.


The Great Beings arrived on Spherus Magna long ago, and encountered the ancient entity known as Annona. Annona attempted to defeat them by consuming their ability to dream, but the Great Beings instead fed on her creative energies, and used that power to attain even greater feats of creation. Their astounding inventions amazed the races of Spherus Magna, who named the Great Beings their rulers.

Wishing to focus on creation rather than leading the residents of Spherus Magna, the Great Beings created the Element Lords, tasking them with ruling over the seven tribes of Agori. The Lords eventually instigated the Core War over the discovery of Energized Protodermis, and the Great Beings acquired some of the substance for their experiments. Despite the attempts of the Great Beings to end the war, it continued to rage. In response, Heremus and other Great Beings constructed the Baterra, robotic assassins intended to destroy the Element Lords and all armed combatants of the war. When the Great Beings realized the Baterra could not prevent the impending catastrophe, they attempted to switch them off, but the Baterra resisted the failsafe and remain active.

The Great Beings also began work on a giant robot that would restore the damaged planet. Heremus stated his hope that the robot would embody the spirit of Spherus Magna. Angonce, another Great Being, later christened the giant robot "Mata Nui", programming language for "Great Spirit", after Heremus' hope. Heremus helped make the Mask of Creation, over which the Great Beings' creations Artakha and Karzahni fought.[1]

Spherus Magna eventually shattered as a result of the damage inflicted by the war, and Heremus and the other Great Beings vanished from Spherus Magna.

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Heremus was one of six Great Beings before whom Mazeka and Vultraz, two Matoran from the prime reality, were brought.[2] Wishing to discover how Vultraz could be a Shadow Matoran, they took him away for experiments, and allowed Mazeka to choose someone to take back with him. Mazeka chose the Teridax of that universe and the two were teleported to the main dimension.

Abilities and Traits

As is common to all Great Beings, Heremus has a passion for creating.


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