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*''[[BIONICLE: Dark Hunters]]''
*''[[BIONICLE: Dark Hunters]]''
*''[[BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated]]'' <small>(Mentioned Only)</small>
*''[[BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated]]'' <small>(Mentioned Only)</small>
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"Guardian is the keeper of secrets. He stays on the periphery of any major conflict between the Dark Hunters and major foes like the Toa or the Brotherhood of Makuta. His task is a simple one: If a Dark Hunter is captured, it is his job to silence them before any secrets can be divulged to our enemies."
The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

Dark Hunter
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"Guardian" was a Dark Hunter tasked with keeping the Dark Hunters' secrets safe.


Guardian was once part of a tribe on an island that was engulfed in war. After his tribe was betrayed by one of their own and he was left for dead, the Dark Hunters found him and restored him to health. He worked for the Dark Hunters to make sure none of them betrayed the organization like his tribe member did. If a Dark Hunter was captured, it was the Guardian's job to kill them before they revealed any secrets.

Guardian worked on silencing captured Dark Hunters during the Dark Hunter/Brotherhood of Makuta War.

Teridax's Reign

After Makuta Teridax took over the universe, Guardian met up with Toa Tahu and a group he had formed for a rebellion. While hiding out in the ruins of Karzahni, Guardian walked away from the campfire for a moment to think. Suddenly, the ground (controlled by Teridax) opened beneath him, and the stone itself reached up, grabbed him, and pulled him under, killing him.

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

Guardian was a member of a resistance group in the Toa Empire Alternate Universe that attempted to eliminate Toa Tuyet. In the battle against the empire, Guardian helped Nuju keep a Toa of Magnetism at bay, but was later defeated, although not before bringing a large number of Toa down with him.


His right arm was rebuilt, allowing him to hold a staff that was capable of launching Rhotuka spinners. These spinners had Stone and Earth powers. In close combat, Guardian used his deadly claws.


"And then what? Throw rocks at the sky? Challenge the wind with Cordak blasters? All we’re doing is delaying the inevitable – and we all know it."
— Guardian, Reign of Shadows