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"Although at first difficult to control, his hunger for battle outweighed his hatred of authority, and he became another weapon in my arsenal."
The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

Dark Hunter
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"Gladiator" is a large, hulking Dark Hunter and former slave of Stelt.


Gladiator was an entertainment fighter living on the island of Stelt. However, during a fierce battle he lost control and went on a rampage. Around six members of Krekka's species were sent to bring him down, but he demolished them all. It took half of the guards to finally incapacitate him, and for that reason he was recruited to be a Dark Hunter.

When Sidorak tried to join the Dark Hunters, he had to fight Gladiator as a test. Gladiator revealed that despite his great size, his true strength was his incredible speed and agility. He easily dispatched Sidorak in a training match, disqualifying him from being allowed to join the Dark Hunters. Gladiator also joined forces with fellow Dark Hunters Triglax and Devastator to steal the Nui Stone from Toa Mangai Tuyet, only to be framed for the murder of several Matoran. He eventually ended up being defeated by Toa Lhikan.

Gladiator is currently back on his home island serving as a spy where rumors say Sidorak's species was trying to recruit an army of Visorak.

Abilities and Traits

Gladiator is brutally strong and has a passion for war. Though his primary weapon is his strength, he also possesses incredible speed and maneuverability.