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Toa Hagah

Lava Spear

Cyclone Spear

Rhotuka Launching Shield

Toa Metru

Disk Launcher

Hydro Blades

Aero Slicers

Earthshock Drills

Proto Pitons

Crystal Spikes

Toa Hordika

Blazer Claws

Fin Barbs

Fang Blades


Claw Clubs

Hordika Teeth

Combat Staffs

Toa Mata

Fire Sword




Feet Additions

Ice Sword and Ice Shield

Toa Nuva

Magma Swords

Aqua Axes

Air Katana

Quake Breakers

Climbing Claws and Feet Additions

Ice Blade and Ice Shield

Adaptive Armor

Rotating Fire Blades

Air Saber

Blizzard Blade

Multi-Resistant Shield

Twin Propellers

Midak Skyblaster

Nynrah Ghost Blaster

Toa Inika

Energized Flame Swords

Laser Harpoon

Laser Crossbow

Laser Drill and Claws

Laser Axe and Climbing Chain

Energized Ice Sword

Zamor Launcher

Toa Mahri

Power Sword

Protosteel Talons

Razor-Edged Protosteel Shield and Aqua Blaster Blade

Aqua Warblade and Electrified Chains

Twin Cutter

Cordak Blaster

Other Toa

Fire Greatswords

Takanuva's Tools

Other Tools

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