Fin Barbs

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Fin Barbs
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The Fin Barbs in movie form
The Fin Barbs in set form

The Fin Barbs were Toa Hordika Nokama's Toa Tools. They were used for underwater climbing and digging, charging up her Rhotuka Water spinner, and could also function as a melee weapon.

Example Usage

In Vengeance of the Visorak, Nokama used her Fin Barbs to charge a Water Rhotuka.

Set Information

The Nokama Hordika canister set contained two fin barbs. The base of each was dark blue and made of hard plastic, while the top was made of softer, more rubbery plastic in a silver color.


  • In Web of Shadows, the Fin Barb's top was depicted to be able to shoot out like a harpoon.