Element Lord of Jungle

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Element Lord of Jungle
Element Lord
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The Element Lord of Jungle is the former ruler of the Jungle Tribe, one of six Element Lords.


The Element Lord of Jungle was a warrior on Spherus Magna, and was approached by the Great Beings for an experiment. He became one with the Jungle element, and became the leader of the Jungle Tribe.

When two Ice Tribe Agori discovered Energized Protodermis, the Element Lords met in conference. The Element Lord of Ice declared the mysterious liquid as his and fortified the spring's defenses igniting the Core War. The Element Lord of Jungle led the Jungle Tribe in battle, once fusing several warriors with trees to create the mysterious Forest of Blades. The Shattering happened, and the Element Lords were trapped on Bara Magna.

Nearly 100,000 years later the Element Lords freed themselves, and the Element Lord of Jungle travelled to the Forest of Blades. Using his Jungle powers. he manipulated the forest into capturing Crotesius and Tarduk who had ventured into the forest on a Sand Stalker. The Lord of Jungle decided to spare Tarduk as he was of the Jungle Tribe, but fuse Crotesius with the forest. He was interrupted by Kirbold who set the forest alight, the Element Lord feeling the plant's pain as he was tied so deeply to them. As the Agori esca[ed, the Element Lord had vanished.

Abilities and Traits

The Element Lord of Jungle has complete control over the Jungle element, and is very territorial. He feels a connection to the Jungle Tribe, and is not as harsh upon them.


The Jungle Lord wears armor that makes him look like one with the jungle. He uses a sword.