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The Electro-Rocket is a type of electricity-laced ammunition used by the Exo-Toa series.


The Nynrah Ghosts, when creating the Exo-Toa, designed and crafted the Electro-Rocket for the machines, to assist them in their defensive capabilities. The Vortixx eventually began manufacturing the Exo-Toa on Xia, producing the Electro-Rocket as well.


The Electro-Rocket is imbued with electrical energy, and explodes upon contact. The rocket is loaded into a blaster on the left arm of the Exo-Toa, and fired when triggered.

Example Usage

Tahu firing an Electro-Rocket

Tahu attempted to strike the Bahrag with an Electro-Rocket, but the rocket exploded upon coming in contact with the Bahrag's barrier.

Set Information

The Electro-Rocket was included in the Exo-Toa sets of 2002. The launcher and ammunition were comprised of a blunt shooter combination attached to the left arm of the Exo-Toa.