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"If there is shadow, there must be light!"
— Ekimu, The Dark Portal

Mask Maker

Mask Maker
Mask Mask of Creation
Golden mask (formerly)
Tools Hammer of Power
Saw Shield
Status Alive
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 70795
EkimuEkimu Symbol.svg
Mask Maker

BJTO-Ekimu with his weapons.png
Toa of Light
Mask Enchanted Mask of Creation
Powers Light
Tools Crystal Hammer
Crystal Saw Shield
Status Reverted
Set number 71312

Ekimu the Wise Master,[1] also known as Ekimu the Great,[E] is a Mask Maker from Okoto and the brother of Makuta.


The Legend

Ekimu fighting Makuta

Ekimu was a Mask Maker on the island of Okoto and created Masks of Power for the inhabitants alongside his brother Makuta.

In addition to crafting masks, the pair of brothers were also among the island's defenders, and led the battle against the fearsome Skull Raiders.

During a Festival of Masks, Ekimu witnessed the Elemental Creatures appear to him. Taking their presence as an omen, and in company with his friends the Protectors, he traveled to the Temple of Time using his Airship, where he used the Mask of Time to look into the future. Beholding the cataclysm that would someday come to pass, as well as the arrival of the Toa, he set to work crafting the Golden Masks of Power. To accomplish his task, he asked the Protectors to gather Elemental Crystals from the Elemental Creatures.

The Masks of Power Ekimu crafted eventually grew to be more favored than his brother's. Jealous, Makuta created a mask that combined multiple elements, violating a sacred law in the process.

Makuta had previously attempted lesser combinations, such as imbuing a mask with two Elemental Powers and making it possible for ordinary villagers to use them. He unveiled these masks after Ekimu presented a new set of masks to the Protectors, which he had empowered using Elemental Crystals obtained from the Elemental Creatures. When the masks proved dangerous, Ekimu rebuked his brother, but Makuta responded by secretly melting down his masks and stealing Ekimu's crystals to create his Mask of Ultimate Power. After learning what Makuta had done, Ekimu and the Protectors followed him to Capital City in order to stop him.

When Makuta put on his new mask, it took control of him and caused the island to start falling apart. Ekimu attacked him and knocked off the mask, which unleashed a shock wave that sent both Mask Makers into a deep sleep. The impact also knocked off his own Mask of Creation and scattered it along with the Golden Masks of Power all over Okoto.

Ekimu's body was eventually discovered by the Protectors, who heard the Prophecy of Heroes whispered from it. They placed his body inside a sarcophagus and adorned his face with a new mask, until the Mask of Creation could be returned to him.

Gathering of the Toa

Thousands of years later, six Toa crash-landed on the island and were guided by the Protectors to find their Golden Masks of Power. When Tahu donned the Golden Mask of Fire, Ekimu sent him a vision of the City of the Mask Makers; the other Toa similarly received messages from Ekimu. After the Toa defeated the Lord of Skull Spiders at the entrance to the city, Ekimu contacted them all in a vision, praising their efforts and imploring them to find and awaken him.

Ekimu entombed

When the Toa finally arrived to his tomb on the graveyard, Ekimu's voice directed them to use their elemental powers to awake him from his slumber. The Toa combined their elemental powers and revived Ekimu's body.

Ekimu revived

Dismayed at all that had occurred during his slumber, Ekimu admonished the Toa for being late, and guided them to the Mask Maker's forge, where Kulta, the Skull Grinder, was attempting to destroy the Mask of Creation.

At the entrance to the forge, Ekimu and the Toa encountered Skull Basher, who quickly defeated Onua and took his Golden Mask of Earth. Ekimu instructed the Toa to work together, rather than separately, and combined the five remaining Toa blew past Skull Basher, defeating him and recovering the Golden Mask of Earth.

Inside the forge, the team discovered Kulta preparing to destroy the Mask of Creation. Ekimu told the Toa to occupy Kulta while he worked to recreate his Hammer of Power. However, Kulta donned the Mask of Creation himself, and defeated the Toa effortlessly. The weakened Toa were able to halt Kulta's approach long enough for Ekimu to finish his weapon, which fully revitalized him. Using the Hammer of Power, Ekimu knocked the Mask of Creation from Kulta's face, and claimed it for himself, defeating Kulta in the process.

After the battle, Ekimu reforged the Golden Masks of Power to help revitalize the Toa, as theirs had been destroyed in the fight with Kulta.

While Ekimu was repairing the Golden Masks, the present-day Protectors arrived and bowed before him. Ekimu greeted them warmly, briefly taking them for his friends of long ago before being corrected. Once the Toa awoke, Ekimu called upon them to help him and the Protectors prepare the city for the arrival of their villagers, desiring to make the city their new home. As the Islanders entered the city and began to celebrate, however, Ekimu felt a dark presence, and renewed his resolve to be prepared for Makuta's coming attack.

Ekimu and the Toa were soon prevailed upon by Protector Vizuna and a group of villagers from the Region of Stone to search for two missing children who had been abducted by a Skull Spider-controlled giant hawk. This led them into the lair of Ekimu's old foes, the Skull Raiders, whom he learned held him responsible for the cataclysm Makuta had triggered which had left them trapped beneath the island's surface for centuries. He was then forced to face Kulta again during the ensuing battle between heroes and Skull Raiders, but managed to defeat his old adversary a third time by borrowing Onua's Earthquake Hammer. His blow triggered the collapse of the Raider city, which he and Onua then sealed the entrance to with their hammers before returning to the City of the Mask Makers with their comrades and the rescued children.

The Journey to One

To help them, Ekimu crafted new armor and weapons for the Toa, which they soon used against a leftover group of Skull Warriors and Skull Spiders who attacked the city. Afterwards, Ekimu instructed the Toa to seek out the Elemental Creatures in order to gain their help in finding the Mask of Control so that Ekimu could destroy it and prevent Makuta from obtaining it once again, while he resumed the crafting of masks. The heroes soon succeeded, but after learning of Lewa's encounter with Umarak, Ekimu encouraged them to rest a night before they set out to find the Labyrinth of Control.

Through his friend Agil, the Elemental Creature of Light, Ekimu observed what transpired as the Toa confronted Umarak, and greeted them upon their return to the city. He revealed that his forge had been built atop the ancient Temple of Light, which he remained at while the Toa and their Elemental Creatures defended the city from the Shadow Horde. After an initial clash, Onua approached Ekimu, who informed him that the time had come for the Toa to leave the city's defense to others in order to stop Makuta's rise. As Onua left to join his comrades, Ekimu summoned Agil and then entered a chamber in the temple, emerging in a taller form with new armor and weapons as the Toa of Light[E], though he disclaimed this title.

Ekimu joined the Toa then left six of the Elemental Creatures with the Okotans to defend the City of the Mask Makers while they set out after Umarak with Agil, the seventh Elemental Creature. As they entered the Region of Stone, Ekimu recounted the story of his brother's banishment and the loss of Capital City to the Shadow Realm, to which a portal had been opened when Makuta's Mask of Ultimate Power was torn apart by it's own Elemental enemies. Through Agil, they learned that Umarak had collected several of the scattered fragments of the Mask, with which he intended to reopen the portal so that Makuta could return. They came upon the monstrous Destroyer but were then challenged by members of his Shadow Horde, a battle in which Ekimu fared poorly. Luckily, he was aided by Kopaka, and the Toa were able to reach the summit of a dark mountain that Umarak had raised from the crater left by Makuta's defeat.

Cut off from the Elements of Okoto, the Toa briefly fell victim to Umarak's shadow power until Ekimu and Agil combined their might to unleash a powerful blast of light that reverted Ekimu to his original form and made Agil disappear. The attack weakened Umarak enough to free the Toa. Gali attempted to recover the forbidden mask's fragments, but her spirit was pulled into the Shadow Realm through the portal. As the other Toa carried on a grueling battle against Umarak, the Destroyer taunted Ekimu that his Light attack had given Umarak the power he needed to complete the ritual to free Makuta, only for Ekimu to express knowledge of this fact. Makuta used Umarak's energies to complete the portal, but this allowed Gali to escape and tell the Toa what Ekimu, due to his own code, could not: that they would have to unite their inherent powers to banish Makuta again. Ekimu watched as the Toa fulfilled their destiny and banished Makuta before returning to the stars from whence they had come.

Abilities and Traits

Ekimu is wise and strong.[2] He was a skilled Mask Maker, so much that his masks were favored by the island's inhabitants more than his brother's.

Ekimu is able to contact the bearers of the Golden Masks of Power through visions, even when asleep.

Masks and Tools

Ekimu wears the Mask of Creation, which was being sought after by multiple factions. After his defeat and its loss, his body was given a golden mask by the Protectors, though he discarded this centuries later when he regained his original mask. The mask aids him in his endeavors and can be combined with the power of the Elemental Masks to bring things into being that Ekimu could not fashion by himself.

His tool is the Hammer of Power, which he can use for mask making and for combat. He also carries a Saw Shield.[2] When Ekimu was enchanted by the element of Light, his tools transformed into the Crystal Hammer and Crystal Saw Shield. His tools later regained their original forms after he sacrificed his power with Agil's to strike at Umarak.

Set Information

70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder was released as one of the sets in the August 2015 product wave, containing Ekimu as the titular Mask Maker.

71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker was released in the summer of 2016.


"Your power comes not from numbers. Your power comes from unity. But duty awaits. We must hurry."
— Ekimu to the Toa, Island of Lost Masks

"So you are the Toa of Light!"
"No... just an old Mask Maker who'd like to help."
Gali and Ekimu, Destroyer's Game


  • In the 2015 Online Animations, Ekimu's eyes were blue before Makuta's Betrayal, and after he was revived his eyes' color became yellow.
  • Ekimu was voiced by William Jordan in The Journey to One.
  • In the 2015 Online Animations, a sword lies inside Ekimu's tomb and is depicted alongside the Mask Maker in some carvings.[15A, Ep. 15]


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