Dreaming Plague

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"What did it matter if our sleep was just that: sleep, unmarred by illusions and fantasies? And if you can't dream, then you don't have to worry about nightmares, right? Wrong. If you can't dream, your waking life becomes the nightmare."
Sahmad, Sahmad's Tale

Dreaming Plague
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Witnesses Tribes of Spherus Magna
Time 103,000 years ago
Actions The Iron Tribe is decimated by a condition that prevents them from dreaming
Significance Major

The Dreaming Plague[1] was a mysterious epidemic that afflicted the Iron Tribe, as a result of the ancient being Annona feeding on their dreams.


The first signs of the plague appeared in several miners of the Iron Tribe, who began acting irritable with one another. They claimed to be fine, but noted that they were unable to dream. The affected eventually grew violent, and descended into madness soon after, ultimately dying. The disease soon spread, affecting many of the Agori and warriors there. A small number of the tribe were unaffected, and the diseased Agori attacked their former friends, desperate to know why they were spared the disease, forcing them into hiding. The village leader appealed to the Skrall and other tribes for help, but was refused out of fear that he was a carrier. Any material that they still mined was refused for the same reason. One healthy Agori attempted to join another tribe, but was chased out into the wilderness and killed by beasts. Telluris, an Iron warrior, attempted to have the few survivors disguise themselves by coating their armor with minerals, but the effort failed. Once the majority of the tribe had died, the survivors emerged from hiding and went their separate ways.[ST, Ch. 1]


The plague obliterated most of the Iron Tribe, and instilled a fear into the neighboring tribes, who have barred the Iron Tribe members from entering their villages.[ST, Ch. 1]

103,000 years later, Metus contracted the plague, leading Sahmad and Telluris to track down the source of the illness.[ST, Ch. 2] While investigating, the three were pulled underground by Annona, who revealed that she was the cause of the plague.[ST, Ch. 5] Annona was eventually transported to another world by the Golden-Skinned Being, ending her feeding on the dreams of Spherus Magna inhabitants.[ST, Ch. 7]


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