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Command Toa Matoro is non-canon.
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Command Toa Matoro
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Keyboard

Command Toa Matoro is an online game fomerly found on (In the Archives section) and, in which the player has to navigate through six levels to find the Cordak missiles. Once all six are obtained, the player will see a victory scene and be returned to the main screen of the game. They will also obtain a code that will allow them to activate the Ignika when they play again. If the player loses, however, they will see a different scene of Matoro being defeated, and will return to the main screen without the code.



Takadox is pushing boulders on Matoro. The player must guide Matoro to Cordak Missiles by using Matoro's Twin Cutter to slash through seaweed and jump over spikes that are coming out of specific spots in the ground. If there is a spot Matoro cannot reach, he must either push a rock to be able to jump to a higher spot or jump from a falling boulder at the right time. If Matoro makes contact with the spikes or boulders, he will lose health. If the player wins, they will see a scene where Matoro fires a missile into a boulder, which explodes into pieces, and a piece lands near the Ignika.


  • Right/Left - Move forward/backward
  • Up - Jump
  • Space Bar - Slash with Twin Cutter
  • X - Restarts the level, but at the cost of four health points



Image Description
CTM Spikes.png Rows of spikes shoot out of the ground that can hurt Matoro.
CTM Rocks.png Falling rocks can hit Matoro and take away health. However, if Matoro lands on top of the rock, he can jump off it.
CTM Airweed.png These block Matoro's path, but can be cut with his Twin Cutter.
CTM Pushblock.PNG These block Matoro's path, but going up to them and pushing them to the desired spot, they can be used as a stair step.


Image Description
CTM Bubble.png Collecting bubbles grants 100 points.
CTM Cordak.PNG Collecting Cordak rockets advances Matoro to the next stage.


Two Mask of Life codes could be entered into Command Toa Matoro:

  • VoyaLetter G.pngVoyaLetter T.pngVoyaLetter D.png(GTD)
  • VoyaLetter K.pngVoyaLetter J.pngVoyaLetter M.png(KJM)

When either code is activated, a school of fish follows Matoro around. When the Mask of Life fills up, these fish block Matoro from falling rocks. After one hit, they return to normal and have no effect until the Ignika meter recharges.

Pressing 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the same time during any of the first six levels activates cheat mode. After cheat mode is activated, press various numbers to activate different cheats.

  1. Win level
  2. Restart level
  3. Recover health
  4. Activate the Ignika


  • The second Mask of Life code is former BZPower administrator and current Webmaster, Kelly (AKA Binkmeister's) initials. This was done as a thanks to all the work he had done to the site.

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