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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Gallery:Okoto#City of the Mask Makers|Gallery:Okoto § City of the Mask Makers]]
*[[Gallery:Okoto#City of the Mask Makers|Gallery:Okoto § City of the Mask Makers]]

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"I don't like this place. Something evil is hiding here."
Pohatu, City of the Mask Makers

City of the Mask Makers
Okoto City.png
Status Abandoned

The City of the Mask Makers is the former capital of Okoto and the ancient, ruined home of the Mask Makers.


The City of the Mask Makers was once a prosperous place, where Ekimu and Makuta resided. After a conflict between the brothers left both in an unending sleep, the City was abandoned and fell to ruin. The City is currently frozen in time and only by relighting the Great Forge Within the Temple of Creation will it be restored to its original state.[1]

Thousands of years later, the Protectors invoked the Prophecy of Heroes and summoned six Toa. When they acquired their Golden Masks of Power, the Toa received visions of the City of the Mask Makers from Ekimu. The Protectors told the Toa to gather there, although they were unable to accompany them. When the Toa convened at the bridge to the City, they were approached by the Lord of Skull Spiders. By working together, the Toa defeated the Lord of Skull Spiders, and Onua destroyed part of the bridge to send it plummeting into the valley.

The Toa received another vision from Ekimu, imploring them to find his resting place. They crossed the bridge and entered the City's ruins. As they moved through the abandoned streets, a skeletal claw broke through the ground behind them.


The City of the Mask Makers is situated on a slope within a deep valley in the center of the island, with a bridge serving as its entrance.


A coliseum built to host games and contests, including gladiator fights and the popular sport Hammer Flush. The arena is now guarded by Skull Slicer.

City Gate

The gate was constructed long ago, and has been the site of many great battles.

The arena


Islanders were once laid to rest in the graveyard, but now they are prowled by Skull Warriors.

Temple of Creation

A large building located at the top of the city, which served as the forge where Ekimu and Makuta created Masks of Power. The building's entrance is now guarded by Skull Basher.


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