City-Building Creatures

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"City-Building Creatures" is not an official name.
The subject of this article has not been officially named. The term "City-Building Creatures" either reflects how the subject has been referred to in-story or is an unofficial name popular among fans.

"That 'monster' was the last of the beings that lived in that city."
Spectral Mask, Journey of Takanuva

City-Building Creatures
Sapient Species
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The "City-Building Creatures" are sapient beings that live exclusively in the City of Silver Pocket Dimension.


The City-Building creatures were created by the Great Beings.

The city built by them

In a pocket dimension, they built a grand city of silver and crystal towers, where they lived and prospered for a long time. However, a species of small Kestora attacked and took their city as their own, leaving only one surviving inhabitant.

This particular creature fought off the invaders for a while, and continued to live in the city. However, when Takanuva reached this area, he mistook the beast for a Rahi attacking the smaller beings and he fought him off. At this point the invaders entered the city and shut both of them out.

Later on, Takanuva came to realize his mistake, and befriended the creature. He lured the invaders out with a fireworks show as the creature burrowed into the city and locked out the invaders.

Abilities and Traits

City-Building Creatures eating

This species is about twenty feet (6 meters) tall and is herbivorous, feeding on large green melon-like fruit. They are gentle by nature and will only use their formidable claws in self-defense.