Chronicler's Company

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"May their hearts prove greater than their size would suggest!"
Toa Mata Lewa, Mata Nui Online Game

Chronicler's Company
Headquarters Mata Nui
Goals Defend Kini-Nui from Teridax's infected Rahi
Allies Matoran, Turaga, Toa Mata, other Mata Nui Military forces
Enemies Infected Rahi, Makuta Teridax
Status Inactive
Pronunciation N/A

The Chronicler's Company was a group of Matoran that helped Takua defend Kini-Nui from the assault of infected Rahi.


The Chronicler's Company was formed when the Toa Mata were preparing to fight Makuta Teridax in Mangaia, toward the end of the Great War. The Company was composed of Kapura, Tamaru, Kopeke, Taipu, Hafu, and Macku, and was led by Takua, who visited each of the villages and gathered the Matoran. All of the Matoran were the left hand Matoran to their respective Turaga, with the exception of Macku, who was the right hand Matoran of Nokama.

After its formation, the Company first set out from Ga-Koro, and discovered many obstacles on their journey. By combining their abilities, they were able to proceed past every obstacle in their path, and finally reached Kini-Nui. There, they met with the Toa, who agreed to let them guard Kini-Nui, for if the Rahi destroyed the temple they would be trapped in Mangaia.

The Company battling Rahi

After the Toa descended, Rahi began attacking. The Company managed to fend off most of the attacks, until Rahi emerged from the surrounding jungle in great numbers. Just when all hope appeared to be lost, the Ta-Koro Guard, the Ussalry, and the Gukko Force arrived and assisted in the battle, which eventually led to victory for the Matoran.

After the Toa's victory over Teridax, there was no further need for the Company, and it was disbanded.

When Teridax was defeated and Metru Nui damaged, Taipu worked together with Macku, Tamaru, and Kopeke to save survivors, and referred back to their previous alliance, despite the fact that Hafu and Kapura were missing on Bota Magna at the time.