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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 2
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JTO Ekimu The Great 2.jpg Characters


The BIONICLE storyline features many Characters with varying personalities, traits, and places of residence.

This page lists characters who appeared in the Generation 2 storyline, located on Okoto. For characters from Generation 1, see Characters.

Mask Makers

The brothers who created Masks of Power for the Okotans.

Elemental Creatures

The immortal creatures that embody the Elements of Okoto.



The leaders of the six tribes through the generations.

  • Former Protectors
    • Agarak - The former Protector of Jungle.
    • Etoku - The former Protector of Earth.
    • Kerato - The former Protector of Stone.
    • Mamuk - The former Protector of Fire.
    • Owaki - The former Protector of Water.
    • Uganu - The former Protector of Ice.
  • Current Protectors
    • Izotor - The current Protector of Ice.
    • Kivoda - The current Protector of Water.
    • Korgot - The current Protector of Earth.
    • Narmoto - The current Protector of Fire.
    • Nilkuu - The current Protector of Stone.
    • Vizuna - The current Protector of Jungle.


The primary inhabitants of Okoto and its various regions.

Shadow Horde

  • Umarak - The Shadow Hunter, born from the shadows to hunt the Elemental Creatures.

Skull Creatures

Skull Raiders

A race of pirates from a distant land who attempted to conquer Okoto.

  • Axato - The tribal commander of the Skull Raiders.
  • Kulta - The leader of the Skull Raiders.
  • Skull Basher - A lieutenant of the Skull Raiders.

Skull Army

A group of monsters assembled by Kulta to carry out Makuta's plan.


The wielders of the six Elements foretold in the Prophecy of Heroes.

  • Gali - The Toa of Water.
  • Kopaka - The Toa of Ice.
  • Lewa - The Toa of Jungle.
  • Onua - The Toa of Earth.
  • Pohatu - The Toa of Stone.
  • Tahu - The Toa of Fire.