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This page features non-canon content

Bohrok-Kal Promo Animations
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Bohrok-Kal, Toa Nuva

The Bohrok-Kal Promo Animations were a series of CGI-animated videos depicting the Bohrok-Kal on the island of Mata Nui. Many of these animations demonstrate the Elemental Powers of the Bohrok-Kal in action. Although many of these animations had only been available as part of very specific media, such as the Bohrok-Kal Mini Promo CDs, the 2008 update reissued these animations to be enjoyed by a newer generation of fans.


Tahnok-Kal's glowing symbol

The camera follows the contour of Tahnok-Kal's exo-shell until it stops on the Bohrok-Kal's Hand Shield symbol, which begins to glow with Electrical energy, ending the animation with the camera feed cutting out.


In the pouring rain, Gahlok-Kal triumphantly lifts Tahu Nuva's Nuva Symbol above its head and places it in a niche on its back. The Bohrok-Kal starts to leave as the camera feed cuts out.

Gahlok-Kal lifts the Symbol


Lehvak-Kal glares at the camera

Lehvak-Kal in ball mode rolls down a steep incline until the curved edge launches the Bohrok-Kal in the air. Lehvak-Kal unfolds itself and lands, staring menacingly at the camera until the feed cuts out.


Pahrak-Kal readying its Plasma Shield

Pahrak-Kal drives its Plasma Shield into the side of rocky wall in Po-Wahi, which is instantly melted. A pathway down to the Bahrag is revealed as the camera feed cuts out.


Nuhvok-Kal lifting the stones

Using its Gravity Shields to lift several stones of varying size, including a massive boulder, Nuhvok-Kal transports them above the camera and forcefully brings the boulder down on the camera, ending the feed.


Kohrak-Kal strikes the pillar

Kohrak-Kal uses its head-jutting ability to weaken a pillar of a temple (possibly the Kini-Nui), until it loses stability and tumbles in the direction of the camera, ending the feed.

Bohrok-Kal Saga Animation

The assembled Toa Nuva

This animation features clips from both the Toa Nuva Promo Animations and the Bohrok-Kal Promo Animations. The animation ends with an image of the Toa Nuva in their first few moments of existence.

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