Blizzard Blade

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Blizzard Blade
Set Blizzard Blade.png
Manufacturer Artakha
Users Kopaka Nuva
Function Channeling his Ice powers
Melee combat
Status In use

Kopaka channeling his Ice powers through the Blizzard Blade
The Blizzard Blade attached to Kopaka's Midak Skyblaster

The Blizzard Blade was an adaptation to Toa Nuva Kopaka's Protosteel Toa Tool that he received along with his Adaptive Armor. The weapon attached to his Midak Skyblaster, functioning like a bayonet, but it could also be taken off to use as a melee weapon.[citation needed] Kopaka used it to better focus his Elemental Ice powers. With this tool, he was capable of firing both an elemental blast and a light sphere at the same time, creating a simultaneous Light and Ice attack. The blade featured a non-lethal laser to assist in aiming.

Example Usage

In Mata Nui Rising, Kopaka used his Blizzard Blade to create an ice wall, which stopped Axalara T9 and Rockoh T3 from colliding with the abandoned Jetrax T6.

Set Information

The Blizzard Blade was released in the 2008 Kopaka Nuva set. A hole in the top allows a transparent red beam to be inserted, representing the laser targeting feature of the tool.

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