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"They want us to know they're coming. The baterra are so certain we can't stop them that they are giving us warning. They killed my warrior, but not me ... to show they have the power to grant life or death to the Skrall."
Branar's thoughts, Empire of the Skrall

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The Baterra are a group of violent, mechanical shapeshifting entities created by the Great Beings.


The Great Beings, unable to stop the Core War on Spherus Magna by peaceful means, created the Baterra as elite assassins, and tasked them with killing all armed combatants. They also had the Baterra construct the Valley of the Maze around their fortress. The Great Beings later tried to shut the Baterra down, but were unable to do so.

When the Shattering took place, many Baterra were in the desert region of the planet, which during this time broke off and formed a new planet called Bara Magna.

After the Skrall migrated to the area north of the Black Spike Mountains, a scouting party was sent to gather information about the surroundings. The Baterra attacked them, killing many of their number. Only the leader of the patrol and another warrior managed to escape the attack and return to their settlement, warning the rest of the Skrall about this new enemy.

Baterra rushing into the Skrall Fortress

Baterra raided all Skrall outposts, killing all but one of the leader class, leaving a single legion left. The remaining force, led by the last leader class Skrall Tuma, traveled out into the wilderness to combat the Baterra. The Baterra regularly struck at the Skrall, ambushing them, and even triggering an avalanche. One attack led to the destruction of a Baterra unit, revealing to the Skrall that they were machines. The two other units fled instead of camouflaging themselves, tricking the Skrall into following them. A massive amount of Baterra, disguised as trees, ambushed the Skrall, decimating their number.

The Skrall were eventually cut off from their supplies, and planned a last attempt at a defense. While the Skrall were fortifying their base, Baterra disguised themselves as stores of wood, which were taken inside the garrison. Successful in their deception, they proceeded to ransack the fortress and kill many more Skrall. Tuma ordered the fortress to be set on fire and, to escape total annihilation, organized the Skrall to migrate south and occupy the city of Roxtus.

The Baterra continued to reside near the Black Spike Mountains. In attempt to determine their migratory patterns, the Skrall conducted monthly patrols. During one of these, Branar brought a soldier with him to herd Vorox, as was usual in the practice. Nearby Baterra quickly killed a Vorox and slaughtered the soldier, leaving Branar alive to report the incident.

A group of Baterra shapeshifting near the banks of the River Dormus was observed by the Agori Crotesius, Tarduk and Kirbold on their journey northward to discover the secrets of the Red Star. Because the villagers were not wielding weapons at the time, the mechanical beings ignored them.

Aware of Tuma and Stronius returning from a meeting with the Sisters of the Skrall, the Baterra uprooted several trees, and placed them along part of the path they were traveling. They then disguised themselves as rocks, and waited for the two Skrall to arrive. When the Skrall reached the area, they assumed the extra trees were Baterra, and readied their weapons. Just as they realized that the trees were decoys, two Baterra took the opportunity to strike, hitting Tuma in the back. The Skrall were knocked unconscious, but Metus arrived soon after, and hid the Skrall weapons. The Baterra, not perceiving a threat in the area, remained where they were. Metus dismissed them shortly after the Skrall woke up, and the machines departed the area.

Abilities and Traits

The Baterra are entirely mechanical, programmed to instinctively target and kill all beings carrying weaponry, and do not attack anyone unarmed.

Baterra in their default form

Baterra have the ability to shapeshift and completely alter their appearance. They can also use this power to camouflage themselves to blend in with their surroundings. In their default form, Baterra armor is silver in color.


The Baterra possess bladed weapons that are attached to their body. These weapons can transform with the Baterra.


  • The name "Baterra" is derived from an ancient Skrall word meaning "silent death."
  • The Great Beings later modeled the Bohrok after the Baterra.