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BIONICLEsector01 Maintenance
BS01 Maintenance is the hub page for all... well... maintenance. We're kind of perfectionists around here, so feel free to help out and improve our articles. Our objective is to empty the maintenance categories and finish all of our tasks. You can find the current Featured Project below, and collaborate with our fellow editors toward a better wiki!

Our intent is to improve the overall quality of the BS01 Wiki; personal recognition should never be your goal. Also, we don't expect to get everything done right away. If that were the case, there would be no need for maintenance.

If you need a little incentive to get started, or you just like seeing how much you've helped the wiki, a leaderboard of the top contributors can be found below. The project is headed by Shine and Master of the Rahkshi. See them if you have any questions or concerns.

Categories Special Pages
The following categories contain items that do not meet BS01's quality standards. If you see any such pages, please tag them with an appropriate category so we can fix them. These pages show items that meet certain, often undesirable, criteria.
  • Broken Redirects - Redirects leading to pages that don't exist. They should either be pointed to an existing page or deleted.
  • Deadend Pages - Pages without any links to other pages. All pages should link to at least one other article.
  • Orphaned Pages - Pages without any parents. :(
  • Uncategorized Pages - Pages without any categories. They should probably have some.
  • Unused Files: - Files that are not used on any page. Find a place for them, or notify a staff member to have them deleted.
  • Wanted Categories - Categories that don't exist but are used on pages. Either create the category or remove the links.
  • Wanted Files - Files that don't exist but are used on pages. Either upload an appropriate file or remove the links.
  • Wanted Pages - Pages that don't exist but are linked to. Either create the page or remove the links.
  • Wanted Templates - Templates that don't exist but are used on pages. Either create the template or remove the links.
  • List of Redirects - A list of all redirect pages on the wiki. None of these pages should have links leading to them; check by going to the redirect, then clicking on 'What links here' in the tools section of the sidebar. If any pages link to the redirect, change the link so it leads to the appropriate page directly.
Featured Project
The BS01 Maintenance Featured Project is the official replacement for the Collaboration of the Week. The current FP will be shown on the Main Page, and everyone is encouraged to assist in any way they can to the betterment of the article.

Draw a Piraka

A series of spooky surprises summarized by a shockingly simplistic page.

Miscellaneous Tasks
Below is a list of various things that need to be done on any number of pages. These are often things like adding appearances or changing a spelling, that can be done easily but may span multiple pages.


  • Italicize the titles of Serials and any other applicable pages using {{DISPLAYTITLE:''{{FULLPAGENAME}}''}}
  • Remove "important" and "importantly" from mainspace pages if from a fan perspective. (excluding quotes)
  • Remove numerals from mainspace pages.
  • Lowercase the "the" of article titles in mainspace pages, such as The Pit, The Shattering, and The Shadowed One. (excluding quotes)
  • Change "N/A" to "None" on templates where applicable (i.e. for a Tools section, it would not be N/A, it would be None, but a pronunciation section would still be N/A)
  • Add links to the appropriate sections of Gallery:Kanohi to individual Kanohi pages.
  • Find ways to integrate trivia points into appropriate parts of the article on all pages. Don't shoehorn it in, though; sometimes trivia really is trivia.


The following is a list of the top contributes to the BIONICLEsector01 Maintenance Project. Each major contribution gains you a single point, and guarantees you a spot on this list. Let a staff member know when you have completed a task and they will increment your rank accordingly.
  1. Vartemp (with 1 point)
  2. User (with 0 points)
  3. User (with 0 points)
  4. User (with 0 points)
{{Maintenance Userbox|rank|points}} can be placed on your userpage to show off your rank to others. Example:
(^・ω・^ ) Maintenance is ranked #0 on the Maintenance leaderboard with a score of 0.
BIONICLEsector01 Maintenance