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Welcome to...


Welcome to BIONICLEsector01 Help. In the pages listed below, you will be able to find articles to help you with wiki coding and much, much more.
Guides and Tutorials

Below, you can find and use guides to assist you if you have difficulties with editing, along with tips and tricks which may help you along the way.

"How to Edit" Tutorial

Go to the Editing Tutorial to learn about what editing is, and how to edit.

"Vandalism and How to Fight It" Tutorial

Go to the above tutorial to further understand what vandalism is, and how you can help to counter it.

"Making New Pages" Tutorial

Go to the above tutorial to learn how to create pages.


Below is a list of guides that can assist you if you have any difficulties or are new to Wiki-coding, along with other types of basic coding used on BS01.

"Basic Wiki-Coding" Tutorial

Learn about basic Wiki-coding with the tutorial above.

"Creating Signatures" Tutorial

Go to the above tutorial to learn how to create good looking and well-designed signatures.

"Basic HTML" Tutorial

Go to the above tutorial to learn basic HTML which can be used on the Wiki.

"How to Use External Images" Tutorial

Use the above tutorial to learn how to use external images on BS01.


Learn about how to navigate and use different pages on BS01 with the tutorials below.

"Special Pages" Tutorial

Learn about special pages and how they are used for in the tutorial above.

"How to Navigate BS01" Tutorial

An in-depth tutorial which teaches you how to navigate BS01 and what certain tabs and buttons lead to.

"How to Navigate BS01 on Mobile Phones" Guide

A guide which teaches you how to navigate BS01 using mobile phones.


Below is a list of more advanced tutorials for you once you have grasped the basics.

"Advanced Wiki-Coding" Tutorial

Learn more about Wiki-Coding and advanced tricks above.

"How to Make a Template" Tutorial

Go to the above tutorial to learn how to make a template.

"Advanced External Images" Tutorial

Learn how to use advanced options for external images.

Helping Others
Badges of Trust

Badges of Trust are special tokens which you will be able to display on your userpage so new or inexperienced members will know that they can come to you when they need help. Below are links of reference as to what Badges of Trust are and how to use them.

About Badges of Trust

Learn about the Badges of Trust, what they are used for and how they can be used.

Stages of Badges

Learn about the various stages of the Badges of Trust and how to earn them.

Rewards for Helping

Below is a list of rewards you will get if you help out other members.


As you help out more, you will be presented with different stages of badges. To learn more about the badges, see the left column.


Special awards will be given if a member helps out immensely. These awards will be presented by the PR staff as gratitude for your work.

Getting in Touch

Below is a list of different staff you will be able to go to if you need any further assistance.

Wiki Staff

The Wiki Staff are people who patrol, moderate and make sure everything on BS01 is correct and havoc-free. The staff are the best people to go to if you have any problems or questions with how the Wiki is operated or problems involving the Wiki itself.

Public Relations Staff

The Public Relations staff, or PR staff, are a few selected staff members who handle the relations between the Wiki Staff and the members. The PR staff are the best choice to go to if you have any problems, whether it be coding, editing, voting, etc. You will find that the PR staff will always try their best to help you and give you positive solutions to your problems.

Hubs and Resources

Hubs are places where you can go and learn more about the Wiki or extra resources which you can use.

Community Portal

The Community Portal is exactly what its name suggests: A portal for the community. Here, you can ask for help if you can't find any, or learn and participate in some of the things different members around the Wiki set up for you to use. It could be games or even free coding services! Be sure to visit it and use it well.

Member Opinions Hub

The Member Opinions Hub, or Opinions Hub in short, is the place where you can place comments about the Wiki. This hub allows you to post any suggestions or comments about the site, and it is monitored and taken care of by the staff.

Complaint Center

The Complaint Center is where you can direct all criticisms to. If anybody ever mistreats you, or if any aspect of the Wiki makes you depressed, that is the place to dump your comments. Being a neutral place dedicated for hearing what you want to say, you do not need to fear getting in trouble for complaining.

Policies and Guidelines

The Policies are the rules of BS01. You must read through all the policies and follow them! Doing so will guarantee you a pleasant stay here on BS01.

Entertainment Hub

If you feel bored of editing, the E-Hub would be a good place to check out. Occasionally, new contests will be held, along with fun events for you to participate in. Make sure to check it out when you can.

Color Index

The Color Index is a list of colors used on Timelines on BS01. If you are unsure which colors goes with which Timeline, the Color Index would be the best place to look.

BIONICLEsector01:Hexadecimal Colors

A list of common colors that have a name assigned to them as well as their Hexadecimal and Decimal codes.