BIONICLE 2: Challenge of the Rahkshi

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BIONICLE 2: Challenge of the Rahkshi
Series Graphic Novel
Author Greg Farshtey
Publisher Papercutz
ISBN 1-59707-111-0

BIONICLE 2: Challenge of the Rahkshi is a graphic novel that was released on August 5, 2008. It is illustrated by Randy Elliott, Richard Bennett and Ray Kryssing. It contains past comics featuring the Toa Nuva, the Bohrok-Kal, and the Rahkshi.

Challenge of the Rahkshi is available in both paperback and hardback format, and contains 112 pages.

Comics Included


  • The book features a ten page exclusive look at other Papercutz graphic novels. It also includes sneak peaks of other comics.
  • The original cover of this book was spelled "Challenge of the Rakshi," leaving out the 'h' in Rahkshi. This was only done in the first batch of books.

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