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BIONICLE: Mistika is non-canon.
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"BIONICLE: Mistika" is not an official name.
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Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Arrow Keys
Space Bar

BIONICLE: Mistika is an online game released on September 11 of 2008 featuring the Mistika. The original incarnation of the game was made available on Soon afterwards, released its own version of the game, featuring an additional playable character, Mazeka.

The game is divided into either Story Levels and User Levels. The former are levels created by The LEGO Group, and the latter are user-created levels.

Loading Minigame

The minigame

Whilst the game is loading, a minigame can be played. The player must click on the mask corresponding to the shown silhouette out of a set of choices.

Story Levels

The Level Select Screen

The story levels are further divided into three levels for characters and for vehicles.

Character Levels/Story 1

Playable characters include Tahu, Gali, Onua, Krika, Bitil, and Gorast. The player can choose between the six characters in any of the three total levels.

  1. Obtain three Keystones to open the Codrex within the time limit.
  2. Stop the enemy before he/she arrives at a portal to the Codrex.
  3. Enter the Codrex within the time limit.

Vehicle Levels/Story 2

The vehicle levels feature the player controlling either Lewa on the Axalara T9, Pohatu on the Rockoh T3, Antroz on the Jetrax T6, or Vultraz on the Skyfighter. There are three levels for the vehicles:

  1. Stop the enemy before he escapes Karda Nui.
  2. Destroy stalagmites to free Matoran (if playing as Pohatu or Lewa), or destroy the stalagmites to force the freed Matoran to follow the player into a portal and become a Shadow Matoran (if playing as Antroz or Vultraz).
  3. Escape Karda Nui by navigating through the swamp to get to the Portal within the time limit.

User Levels

The level creator

These levels are designed by another user, and can be made to be a character or vehicle level. Thus, their objective is what the user designed it to be.

The levels can be created in three different sizes: small, medium (unlocked after publishing five levels) and large (unlocking after publishing ten levels). Levels can be made with any of four different objectives:

  • Hunt the enemy down: The objective is to hunt down an enemy before they escape through the end point.
  • Find the Keystones: The objective consists of finding one to six Keystones to open the Codrex.
  • Race against the clock: Reach the end point before the time runs out. (Unlocked after publishing five levels)
  • Rescue the Matoran: Destroy stalagmites to rescue Matoran. (Unlocked after publishing ten levels)

Additionally, the player can put different enemies and obstacles in the way to make the level harder, as well as different boosts to help the character.


  • Tahu has low power, medium speed, and high armor.
  • Gali has low power, medium speed, and high armor.
  • Onua has high power, high speed, and low armor.
  • Krika has high power, high speed, and low armor.
  • Gorast has medium power, medium speed, and high armor.
  • Bitil has medium power, medium speed, and medium armor.
  • The Axalara T9 has medium power, medium speed, and high armor.
  • The Rockoh T3 has high power, medium speed, and medium armor.
  • The Jetrax T6 has high power, medium speed, and high armor.
  • Vultraz's Skyfighter has low power, high speed, and medium armor.
  • Mazeka's Swamp Strider has high power, high speed, and high armor.


  • Toa/Makuta Mistika
  • Vehicles
  • Rahi Bug
  • Rahi Scorpion
  • Rahi Lizard
  • Rahi Hornet
  • Rahi Dino
  • Mazeka (Referred to as "Turret")


  • Boost Bonus - Increase player's speed
  • Energy Bonus - Increase player's rate of fire
  • Shield Bonus - Makes player momentarily invincible
  • Wingman Bonus - Offers extra firepower
  • Armor Bonus - Returns player to full health
  • Ki Nui Bonus - Combines effects of Boost Bonus, Energy Bonus and Shield Bonus

Cheat Codes

  • LTB045 - Gives maximum power and speed
  • UNA821 - Gives maximum speed
  • KKR527 - Gives maximum power and armor
  • HTU918 - Gives maximum power
  • ALI327 - Gives maximum armor
  • ROG919 - Gives maximum speed and armor
  • ZVT623 - Gives maximum speed, power, and armor


  • BIONICLE: Mistika is the first BIONICLE online game where the player can create levels.
  • The game can also be found on the popular social interaction site, Neopets, in which the player may receive 1000 neopoints for playing the game every time.

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