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LEGO BIONICLE: Mask of Creation
LEGO BIONICLE- Battle for the Mask of Power App Icon.png
Video Game
Platform iOS, Android
Controls Touchscreen

LEGO BIONICLE: Mask of Creation is a mobile game released by the LEGO Group on January 1, 2015 for Android and iOS devices.


The six elemental heroes called the Masters crash land on the island of Okoto and begin a search for their Golden Masks of Power, encountering many enemies along the way.


The player can choose to control any of the six Toa: Tahu, Kopaka, Onua, Gali, Pohatu or Lewa. After choosing a character, they play through a campaign consisting of five different levels in each Toa's respective biome. In the final level of each campaign, the Lord of Skull Spiders appears in a boss level. Players can also unlock different armor pieces to customize their Toa's appearance.


  • Protector - After defeating enough Skull Spiders, the player can summon their Toa's respective Protector to join them in battle. The Protectors temporarily knock out all nearby Skull Spiders.
  • Power Up - After defeating enough Skull Spiders, the player can release a large elemental blast to the surrounding area, destroying anything in its path.

Level Campaigns

  • Region of Fire
  • Region of Ice
  • Region of Earth
  • Region of Water
  • Region of Stone
  • Region of Jungle


The Kanohi Vahi's cameo in the game
  • The Kanohi Vahi makes a cameo appearance in the game. The Vahi appears in a scene of Onua's campaign.

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