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{{Youmay|the location|the [[Artakha (Being)|being]]}}
{{Youmay|the location|the [[Artakha (Being)|being]]}}
{{Quote|Artakha can go from beautiful and idyllic one moment to dark and forbidding the next, depending on what impression its ruler seeks to make.|[[Toa]] [[Helryx]], ''[[BIONICLE: World|World]]''|center}}
{{Quote|Artakha can go from beautiful and idyllic one moment to dark and forbidding the next, depending on what impression its ruler seeks to make.|[[Toa]] [[Helryx]], ''[[BIONICLE: World|World]]''|center}}

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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the being.

"Artakha can go from beautiful and idyllic one moment to dark and forbidding the next, depending on what impression its ruler seeks to make."
Toa Helryx, World

Location Artakha.png
Status Evacuated
Population None
Position West of the Northern Continent
Pronunciation arr-TOCK-ah

Artakha, also called the Great Refuge, is an island realm in the Matoran Universe governed by the being Artakha after which it was named. It is home to the Universe's best Matoran craftsmen and the location where many valuable artifacts were made.


City view of Artakha

Artakha was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe, and was one of the first islands to come into existence. The being Artakha chose to govern the realm, which he named after himself. He intended it to be a refuge for hard-working Matoran and a place where no evil could enter.

Once the universe was completed, the inhabitants of the island created various artifacts and objects of power. It was here that Helryx, the first Toa, and the Toa Mata, came into existence, using materials provided by the Great Beings. The island was protected from intrusions by flying and marine Rahi created by its assigned Makuta, Kojol. However, Artakha was raided by Kojol under orders from the Brotherhood of Makuta after its fall to corruption.

Kojol's strike force of Visorak, Rahkshi, and Exo-Toa arrived by sea. Kojol's first wave of Visorak was destroyed by two Crystal Serpents, and the Rahkshi were destroyed by Artakha's devices. However, the Rahkshi distracted the defenses long enough for the Exo-Toa to deploy, and the island's inhabitants were unable to stop them. Against orders, Kojol himself entered the fortress and took the Mask of Light.

After Kojol's raid, Artakha asked that the Order of Mata Nui remove all traces of his realm's existence. The Order complied, commissioning Tobduk to eliminate everyone who knew where the realm was located (including Order members and Kojol himself), and destroyed all existing maps showing it. Meanwhile, the residents of Artakha destroyed a larger, uninhabited island nearby, along with the land bridge that used to connect them.

During the Great Cataclysm, some of Artakha underwent damage, particularly Artakha's fortress. However, due to the industrious nature of the island's inhabitants, it was promptly repaired.

As part of their mission to prepare the world for Mata Nui's awakening, the Toa Nuva were invited to the island of Artakha, their birthplace. They were teleported there from Daxia by a Matoran sent by Artakha. Upon arriving, the Toa were greeted by a welcoming sight of a tropical island with delighted Matoran. Shortly thereafter, however, the landscape changed rapidly, as storms raged and the plants they had seen shriveled and died. Eventually the Toa arrived at Artakha's fortress, where they were asked by the being Artakha for details of their recent deeds. When the Toa finished their tales, Artakha presented them with Adaptive Armor, and teleported them to Karda Nui, saying that the time had come for them to complete their duty.

After Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, he sent Rahkshi to the island of Artakha to take out its ruler. Toa Nuva Lewa arrived to acquire Artakha's assistance in the fight against the Makuta, only to find it nearly overrun and its Matoran defenders losing the battle. Lewa prepared to rescue the land's ruler, but Artakha telepathically commanded him not to, instead sending him to Tren Krom's island to seek that being's aid against Teridax. Artakha later left his island to stop the battle going on in the Core Processor.

Following the Battle of Bara Magna, the Matoran on the island evacuated to Spherus Magna.

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe that Takanuva was accidentally transported to, Artakha was where the Kanohi Vahi was forged, the island's ruler having kept the Great Disks to experiment with. Jaller was sent to Artakha accompanied by two Toa, Bomonga and Kualus, to confiscate the Vahi for the Toa Empire.


The giant Kanohi Hau

Artakha is a land of advanced technology and is filled with modern cities. Indeed, many other cities, such as Metru Nui, were based on Artakha's design. In the center of the island is an enormous Kanohi Hau. The rest of the geography is always changing, as Artakha can change it to look however he pleases by using a mechanism on the island. Artakha was damaged during the Great Cataclysm, but was repaired very quickly.

One consistent feature on the island is a fortress in the center where Artakha himself resides. Even the fortress, however, can change its appearance to suit its owner's fancy.

Former Inhabitants

  • Artakha, the legendary ruler of the island named after him.
  • Matoran, the main residents of Artakha.
  • Crystal Serpents, Artakha's only attempt at creating Rahi.

Known Creations

A pair of Matoran of Artakha

The following items were created by Artakha and the inhabitants of Artakha:


  • A myth states that the Artakha Bulls were the only Rahi allowed to live in Artakha, which is how they got their name.
  • During the search for the Toa of Light by Takua and Jaller, two other Matoran began a quest of their own to find Artakha, believing that the Matoran could take shelter there away from the destructive might of Teridax and his Rahkshi. Their journey was ultimately fruitless, ending with an encounter with Teridax in Mangaia. The pair returned home, but decided they didn't need to hide from their fears.