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The Agori are also very resourceful, and excel at repairing objects. However, due to the major social shift that followed the Shattering, they have lost the ability to create new things.
The Agori are also very resourceful, and excel at repairing objects. However, due to the major social shift that followed the Shattering, they have lost the ability to create new things.
Agori are capable of biological reproduction.
Agori are capable of biological reproduction.{{GregCitation|OGDi|page=206|post=8219}}
== Known Agori ==
== Known Agori ==

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"The Agori, or villagers, of the world of Bara Magna are a tough, independent breed. In a place where every day is a struggle to survive, they have learned to use what they have around and rely on their wits."
— Narrator, The Fall of Atero

TLR Agori Tribes.png
Sapient Species
Powers None
Status Active
Locations Spherus Magna

The Agori are a species native to Spherus Magna.


Early history

Atakus, Tarduk, and Raanu

The Agori originally lived on Spherus Magna, and were a populous species on the planet. They organized themselves into a tribal system, and were governed by the Great Beings. These tribes numbered at least eight: the Fire Tribe, Water Tribe, Jungle Tribe, Ice Tribe, Rock Tribe, Sand Tribe, Earth Tribe, and Iron Tribe.

150,000 years ago, some Agori helped the Great Beings in the construction of a vast mechanoid.[1]

Unwilling to handle leading the population, the Great Beings chose six warriors and one leader-class Skrall of the most populous tribes and gave them Elemental Powers, creating the Element Lords. The Element Lords eventually became leaders of the tribes, and commanded the villagers.[2][3][4][5]

103,000 years ago, the Iron Tribe was stricken with a mysterious plague, and reduced to only a few members. The Agori shunned those members, out of fear that they might still carry the disease.

After the discovery of Energized Protodermis, the Element Lords began sending their tribes to fight for control of it. Most Agori did not participate in the war, and acted as support to the fighters of their tribe.

Bota Magna

Following the Shattering that destroyed the planet and ended the war, a number of Agori from all tribes, but especially the Jungle Tribe, were stranded on the planetary fragment of Bota Magna. These Agori used the natural resources of plants and wood available to fashion armor and weapons for their use.

Bara Magna

After the Shattering, the Element Lords were trapped and a large number of Agori were isolated on Bara Magna. In order to prevent global fighting, the Agori of the Fire, Water, Ice, and Jungle Tribes created a social system which involved hiring Glatorian for the different tribes who would fight in arenas, and the tribe that hired the victor gained access to whatever resources were in dispute. The villages also adopted a democratic system of government.[6]

On Bara Magna, the Zesk, Agori of the Sand Tribe, began to devolve to a more primal state, along with the Glatorian in their tribe.

Bara Magna Agori traveling alone in the wastelands were often captured by Bone Hunters or Sahmad and sold to the Skrall as slaves. Many of these Agori were imprisoned and forced to work in Roxtus repairing the Skrall's weapons and armor.

Agori working in Atero

Skrall War

Many Agori traveled to Atero in order to view the last Great Tournament. During the first round of the tournament, the Skrall invaded the arena, killing Glatorian and Agori. Several Agori managed to escape, and returned to their villages to report the news.

The Agori continued to follow the social system, despite the looming threat of the Skrall. During a scheduled match between Tarix and Vastus, a new warrior, Mata Nui, informed the assembled Agori of the alliance between the Skrall and Bone Hunters. The Agori were reluctant to trust the newcomer, but Ackar convinced them to believe his words. The Glatorian insisted on uniting the villages, and the Agori set about combining the structural pieces of the villages to create a Mega-Village. Raanu, head of the Fire Tribe, became the overall leader of the new city.[7]

Battle of Bara Magna

Soon, Mata Nui returned from a journey from the north with a power source, intended to power the Prototype Robot that the Mega-Village was made of. Raanu eventually agreed to let him energize the robot and the Agori safely evacuated from the city before Mata Nui took control of it.

Mata Nui warned the Agori to take shelter and the Glatorian led them to some caves. Soon after, Teridax arrived and confronted his opponent, lifting the mountain protecting the Agori with the intent to drop it on them. Mata Nui interfered with his plan, destroying the mountain and told the Agori to escape. Raanu then quickly began to move his people east, under Ackar’s request. Some Agori, however, tried to help in the fight against Teridax and his minions.

Reformation of Spherus Magna

After Teridax was defeated and Spherus Magna reformed, the Matoran, Toa, and other former inhabitants of the Matoran Universe joined the Agori on the planet to begin a new life.

Toa Nuva Lewa, who had been transported to Bota Magna along with several other beings from the Matoran Universe, encountered the native Agori population. However, as he had been within the fortress of the insane Great Being at the same time Mata Nui had given all Matoran Universe inhabitants the ability to understand and speak Agori, Lewa was unable to communicate with the villagers. He managed to convey that he had come from the fortress, prompting them to become hostile.

As a new life was being made with the Matoran, the Bara Magna Agori tribes had trouble working together after so many years of competing. The Agori also had mixed feelings toward the Matoran as the new inhabitants began to settle in. Toa Tahu and Glatorian Ackar and Kiina soon began working to resolve these disputes among the Agori and Matoran.

Alternate Universes

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

On an alternate Spherus Magna, the Agori's planet was reformed and the Matoran Universe's inhabitants joined the Agori in living on the planet.

Abilities and Traits

Like most species living on Bara Magna, Agori are completely organic with some mechanical implants. They have a metallic bone structure.[citation needed] Agori are hardy workers, and can adapt well to changes. The world they were left in following the disaster that destroyed the planet made them very cynical, and they grew disillusioned to many aspects of life.

The Agori are also very resourceful, and excel at repairing objects. However, due to the major social shift that followed the Shattering, they have lost the ability to create new things.

Agori are capable of biological reproduction.[8]

Known Agori

A Zesk, Metus, and Berix
  • Atakus - A Rock Tribe Agori and a servant of the Skrall
  • Berix - A Water Tribe Agori who specializes in salvaging and repairing ruined equipment
  • Crotesius - A Fire Tribe Agori and a vehicle pilot in Arena Matches
  • Kirbold - An Ice Tribe Agori who helped prepare the Arena Magna for the upcoming Glatorian tournament
  • Kirbraz - A Water Tribe Agori who pilots the Kaxium V3
  • Kyry - A Fire Tribe Agori who helped prepare the Arena Magna for the upcoming Glatorian tournament
  • Lein (deceased) - A Jungle Tribe Agori who opened a trading post on Bota Magna long ago
  • Metus - An Ice Tribe Agori who trained and recruited Glatorian and promoted Arena Matches
  • Raanu - A Fire Tribe Agori and leader of Vulcanus
  • Sahmad - An Iron Tribe Agori who pilots the Baranus V7
  • Scodonius - A Water Tribe Agori who helped prepare the Arena Magna for the upcoming Glatorian tournament
  • Tarduk - A treasure hunting Agori from the Jungle Tribe
  • Hero Agori - A nomadic Fire Tribe Agori who assisted Raanu in securing help for Vulcanus
  • The Zesk - Former Agori of the Sand Tribe who devolved to a more primal state after the cataclysm
  • An Agori with blue and gold armor whom a Skrall frightened out of a viewing position in Vulcanus[9]
  • An Agori with teal and red armor present in Vulcanus during Gresh's fight against a Skrall[9]
  • An Agori with blue and gray armor whom Raanu helped escape from Atero when the Skrall attacked[10]
  • An Agori captured by the Skrall, then freed to be captured by Bone Hunters[9]
  • A number of Agori who were killed in the Battle of Atero (deceased)
  • Several Agori of the Ice Tribe who occupied a Tajun-bound transport guarded by Gelu[11]
  • Several Agori from Vulcanus
    • Two Fire Agori whose transport Gresh and Gelu repaired and escorted through a pass occupied by Vorox
    • Several Agori whom Kiina taught how to shoot Thornax Launchers
    • A chef at the local inn
    • Various Agori who helped fortify the village[11]
  • A female Iron Tribe Agori whom Sahmad loved; killed by the Dreaming Plague (deceased)[12]
  • Over one thousand Agori of the Ice Tribe whom Vastus accidentally killed during the Core War (deceased)[13]
  • Two Agori who fought a Rahkshi during the Battle of Bara Magna
  • Several Agori that were killed during the Battle of Bara Magna (deceased)
  • Several Agori of the Jungle Tribe[15][16] that were stranded on Bota Magna; their armor and weapons were a combination of plants and metal[17]
  • Massive amounts of Agori that were killed in the Shattering (deceased)

Social Structure and Interactions

Bara Magna

Most tribes have an Agori leader, who are elected by their fellow tribe for 250-year terms. However, the leader can be removed at anytime via a unanimous vote in the tribe. Glatorian are not included in the voting system.[6] Raanu was given overall command of the tribes in the Mega-Village.

Agori who commit murder are banished from their village. Those who commit lesser crimes are allowed to stay, but must take on necessary but dangerous tasks for the village.[6]

Agori on occasion give Honor Badges to Agori who have aided them in some way to recognize acts of battle and courage. These badges show Agori and Glatorian of other villages the trust the Agori have placed in the bearer.

Though they could not fight on their own in arenas, Agori were permitted to team up with a Glatorian to fight. Agori also used vehicles to battle in the arena. As a result of the arena fights, Agori encouraged friendly relations with one another.

Set Information

Six Agori were released as small sets in early 2009, each consisting of thirteen to seventeen pieces.

Agori sets can be used alongside Glatorian sets in one variation of the two-player BIONICLE Action Figure Game, instructions for which are available on BIONICLE.com. The Agori serves as a shield for the Glatorian just as they do in story, with either player firing their Glatorian's Thornax Launcher at the opponent's Agori to remove it from play. A player can return their Agori to play by firing their Glatorian's Thornax Launcher at its own canister. A player with an Agori in play is able to fire his or her Thornax Launcher twice per turn.

Agori also appear as pilots in the large boxed sets Cendox V1, Kaxium V3, and Baranus V7. In these sets, they are intended for use with the Action Figure Game's rules for vehicle and creature sets rather than the rules for Agori sets. In some vehicle sets, like the Cendox V1, the pilot Agori is outfitted with the set's life counter, while in others the life counters are fitted on the vehicle.


"We're just Agori! We're not going to fight a Glatorian."
— Raanu, The Legend Reborn

"The truth is we are just peaceful villagers trying to survive."
— Metus, The Legend Reborn



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