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* [[Skull Creature]]s
* [[Skull Creature]]s
** [[Lord of Skull Spiders]]
** [[Lord of Skull Spiders]]
** [[Skull Slicer]]
** [[Skull Spiders]]
** [[Skull Spiders]]
** [[Skull Warrior]]s
** [[Skull Warrior]]s

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2015 Online Animations
2015 Animations Header.png
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Type Animation
Years released 2015

The 2015 Online Animations are a series of animations detailing the events of 2015's BIONICLE reboot. The animations are done in a two-dimensional format, and posted to the BIONICLE.com website periodically.


Season 1

Two Mask Makers, Ekimu and Makuta, create Masks of Power for the Islanders of Okoto. Ekimu's masks are favored over Makuta's, and Makuta grows jealous. Disobeying a sacred law, Makuta forges the Mask of Ultimate Power. When Makuta dons the mask, he is corrupted, and the mask begins to destroy the island. Ekimu knocks the mask from Makuta's face, and a shockwave sends both brothers into an endless sleep and scatters the Masks of Power across Okoto. The Protectors of the time find Ekimu's body and hear the Prophecy of Heroes, then lay him to rest in a tomb. They record the Prophecy of Heroes to be passed down through the generations of Protectors.

Thousands of years later, Skull Spiders menace Okoto, seeking the Masks of Power. The current Protectors gather at the Temple of Time to fulfill the Prophecy of Heroes, summoning six Toa onto Okoto. Narmoto, Protector of Fire, greets Tahu upon his arrival in the Region of Fire, and informs him of the situation and his destiny. The other Protectors do so for the other Toa: Kopaka, Onua, Lewa, Pohatu, and Gali. The Protectors guide the Toa through their regions to find their Golden Masks of Power, although they are followed by Skull Spiders. At the shrines of the Golden Masks, the Skull Spiders attack. While the Protectors hold off the Skull Spiders, the Toa claim their Golden Masks, and use the masks' power to defeat the Skull Spiders.

Ekimu sends a vision to Tahu through his Golden Mask of Fire, imploring him to come to the ancient City of the Mask Makers. The six Toa meet outside the city, and Tahu and Kopaka argue over which of them should lead the team. Their argument is interrupted by the approach of the Lord of Skull Spiders. Several of the Toa attempt to defeat him on their own, but fail. Onua suggests they work together, and by coordinating their attacks, the Toa are easily able to defeat the Lord of Skull Spiders. In a vision, Ekimu congratulates the Toa, and urges them to find and awaken him. The Toa proceed into the ruined city, unaware of the Skull Creatures lurking within.

Season 2

The Toa enter into the City of the Mask Makers, but Tahu steps on a trap, blocking their way. Tahu and Kopaka begin to argue again about the leadership of the team, but Onua stop them. Lewa goes off alone to explore the surroundings, and the Toa are ambushed by Skull Warriors. Onua uses his Earthquake Hammer to bury some of the Skull Warrior, but breaks down the bridge access to the City in the process, leaving them without a way out.

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Lewa returns from scouting, knocking the Skull Warrior archers from their vantage point, allowing the rest of the Toa to beat the Warriors on the ground. With the threat defeated and Pohatu broked the locked gateway by throwing a boulder at it, the Toa continued onward. Lewa suggested that the Toa venture to an Arena he found, but Kopaka rejected Lewa's idea and reminded him of the team's mission. The Master of Jungle flew to the Arena while the other Toa other other way following Kopaka's orders. As Lewa inspected a series of carvings depicting an ancient arena game, Skull Slicer ambushed the hero and stole his Golden Mask. The Toa collapsed on the ground, unconscious; the other Toa eventually found Lewa's body and caught sight of Skull Slicer brandishing his mask.



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The animations were created by Dum!Dum!, a Copenhagen-based design and animation studio, in conjunction with ADVANCE[1] who previously worked with LEGO to create media for BIONICLE's first generation. The episodes were written by screenwriter Merlin Mann.[2]


Almost every episode contains a hidden cameo of the Kanohi Vahi from BIONICLE's first generation:

    • In The Legend at 0:52, a cloud can be seen in the shape of the Mask of Time.
    • In Prophecy of Heroes, a carving can be seen in the shape of the legendary mask at 0:28
    • In The Arrival, a carving can be seen at 0:14
      • The scene in Episode 2: The Arrival where the Vahi is hidden also appears at 0:12 in the Masks of Power trailer, but the mask is not present.
    • In Quest for the Golden Masks, an outline of the Vahi is formed by flowing lava at 0:55.
    • In The Protectors Fight Back, an outline of the Vahi is formed in the lava, just like Tahu's Character animation.
    • In The Power of the Golden Masks, a carving of the Vahi can be seen behind Tahu at 0:50.
    • In Quest of the Mask Maker, a soilform of the Vahi can be seen in front of Onua at 1:20.
    • In Team of Heroes, the Vahi can be seen on the mountains behind the Ancient City of the Mask Makers at 0:05
    • In Lord of Skull Spiders, the Vahi can be seen at 1:11, after Tahu knock the Lord of Skull Spiders.
    • In The City of Mask Makers, the Vahi can be seen at 0:52, created from cracks on a small structure.


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The English language episodes employ a single voice actor for all roles, including narration.


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Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 11 October 9, 2014 April 24, 2015
2 ?? July 13, 2015 Currently Airing


  • When Episode 6 first debuted, Pohatu mistakenly appeared when the narrator first mentioned Earth, while Onua appeared when Stone was mentioned. This was later corrected.


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