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2015 Online Animations
2015 Animations Header.png
Title card
Type Animation
Years released 2015

The 2015 Online Animations are a series of animations detailing the events of 2015's BIONICLE reboot. The animations are done in a two-dimensional format, and posted to the BIONICLE.com website periodically. Prior to their release, a prologue animation was added, providing context and background history.

The animations were created by Dum!Dum!, a Copenhagen-based design and animation studio, and written by screenwriter Merlin Mann.[1]


Masks of Power

Masks of Power Trailer

Released: November 28, 2014 (online), December 15, 2014 (broadcast)
Runtime: 30 seconds

The evil Skull Spiders and the Lord of Skull Spiders are rising. Six elemental heroes known as the Toa descend from the stars and crash land onto Okoto. Tahu lands in the Region of Fire and is greeted by the Protector of Fire and islanders. The other Toa are Gali, Pohatu, Kopaka, Onua, and Lewa. Their destiny is to collect the Golden Masks of Power, battle the evil on Okoto, and save the island.

The Legend

The Legend

Released: October 9, 2014
Runtime: 1 minute, 45 seconds

On the beautiful island of Okoto, the inhabitants live in a time of peace under the rule of two Mask Makers, Makuta and his brother Ekimu, who create Masks of Power for them. The brothers themselves wear special masks: Makuta used the Mask of Control, while Ekimu used the Mask of Creation.

Eventually, the great craftsmanship and renown of Ekimu cause Makuta to become jealous, and he disobeys sacred laws to forge the Mask of Ultimate Power. As soon as Makuta dons the mask, he is consumed by its power, and the island starts to break apart. Realizing this, Ekimu attacks Makuta, knocking the mask from Makuta's face. This causes a shockwave and sends both brothers into an endless slumber.

All three masks are scattered across the island, where they remain until they can be found again.

Prophecy of Heroes

Episode 1: Prophecy of Heroes

Released: December 16, 2014
Runtime: 1 minute 30 seconds

A new darkness is rising; the Skull Spiders have overrun Okoto, searching for the legendary Masks of Power. In desperation, the Protectors retreat to the Temple of Time, and recite the Prophecy of Heroes, learned in ancient times from the lifeless body of Ekimu. Six Toa then rain down upon Okoto within comets. It is their destiny to save the island from evil.

The Arrival

Episode 2: The Arrival

Released: December 16, 2014
Runtime: 1 minute 30 seconds

Fallen from the stars, Tahu encounters the Protector of Fire and his villagers. Unsure of who he is, Tahu is explained his destiny: to retrieve the Golden Mask of Power and save the island from evil with his fellow Toa. Tahu single-handedly defeats a group of Skull Spiders, confirming the Protector of Fire's beliefs and earning the villagers' awe and respect.

Quest for the Golden Masks

Episode 3: Quest for the Golden Masks

Released: December 16, 2014
Runtime: 1 minute 30 seconds

The Toa journey through Okoto’s toughest regions in order to reach the shrines of the golden masks. Lewa cuts through the dense jungle, Pohatu treks through blistering deserts, Kopaka fights against the raging blizzard, Gali swims through currents, and Onua drills his way through solid rock, all in order to claim the Golden Masks of Power. However, the elements are not the only obstacles in their path, as the Skull Spiders are following closely behind.

The Protectors Fight Back

Episode 4: The Protectors Fight Back

Released: January 13, 2015
Runtime: 1 minute, 30 seconds

The Toa brave the wilds of Okoto, with their Protectors guiding them, in order to retrieve the Golden Masks of Power. Tahu and the Protector of Fire ascend a temple in the Region of Fire, closely followed by a horde of Skull Spiders. While the Protector of Fire uses his Elemental Blaster to fend them off, Tahu surfs into the caldera to reach the Golden Mask of Fire.

The Power of the Golden Masks

Episode 5: The Power of the Golden Masks

Released: February 6, 2015
Runtime: 1 minute, 30 seconds

The Protectors fight against the Skull Spiders to provide the Toa time to get their Golden Masks. After Tahu gets his Golden Mask of Fire, the Protector of Fire orders him to escape and leave him behind, but Tahu saves him and defeat the Skull Spiders using his fire powers. The other Toa also defeat their enemies, saving the other Protectors in the process.

Quest of the Mask Maker

Episode 6: Quest for the Mask Maker

Released: March 5, 2015
Runtime: 1 minute, 30 seconds

The six Toa, having claimed their individual golden masks, fend off hordes of Skull Spiders. Tahu assumes his quest is finished, but then receives a vision from Ekimu, and is told that he must travel to the City of the Mask Makers in order to awaken the Mask Maker. Tahu asks if he must do the task alone; the Protector of Fire tells him of the other five Toa heroes, and that they must follow the visions from the masks quickly to defeat evil.

Team of Heroes

Episode 7: Team of Heroes

Released: March 20, 2015
Runtime: 1 minute, 30 seconds

The five remaining Toa - Gali, Lewa, Onua, Pohatu, and Kopaka - unite at the City of the Mask Makers, where they encounter Tahu, who introduces himself as their leader. Lewa is amused by this prospect, while Kopaka challenges his claim. The Masters of Ice and Fire begin fighting; when Gali is unable to stop them, Onua steps in and physically separates the two. Lewa jokingly claims Onua would be a better leader than either. Pohatu quickly quiets the group, having sensed the approach of the Lord of Skull Spiders.

Lord of Skull Spiders

Episode 8: Lord of Skull Spiders

Released: April 13, 2015
Runtime: 1 minute, 30 seconds

Several of the Toa try and fail to defeat the Lord of Skull Spiders on his or her own. Onua urges them to work together, and the Toa unleash a barrage of attacks that overwhelms the Lord of Skull Spiders. Onua then collapses the portion of the bridge beneath the Lord of Skull Spiders, dropping it into the chasm.

The City of the Mask Makers

Episode 9: The City of the Mask Makers

Released: April 24, 2015
Runtime: 2 minutes, 10 seconds (including end credits)

Pohatu spots an empty pedestal on the bridge. The Toa receive another vision from Ekimu, congratulating them on their victory and imploring them to find his body. They cross the bridge and enter the ancient city, with Lewa scouting ahead. Onua trusts the masks to guide them, but Pohatu expresses a feeling of foreboding about the city. As the Toa move through the city, a skeletal hand breaks through the ground behind them.

Video Gallery

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  • The Kanohi Vahi from the first generation of BIONICLE has made cameo appearances in all episodes so far, excluding the "Masks of Power" teaser.
    • In The Legend at 0:52, a cloud can be seen in the shape of the Mask of Time.
    • In Prophecy of Heroes, a carving can be seen in the shape of the legendary mask at 0:28
    • In The Arrival, a carving can be seen at 0:14
      • The scene in Episode 2: The Arrival where the Vahi is hidden also appears at 0:12 in the Masks of Power trailer, but the mask is not present.
    • In Quest for the Golden Masks, an outline of the Vahi is formed by flowing lava at 0:55.
    • In The Protectors Fight Back, an outline of the Vahi is formed in the lava, just like Tahu's Character animation.
    • In The Power of the Golden Masks, a carving of the Vahi can be seen behind Tahu at 0:50.
    • In Quest of the Mask Maker, a soilform of the Vahi can be seen in front of Onua at 1:20.
    • In Team of Heroes, the Vahi can be seen on the mountains behind the Ancient City of the Mask Makers at 0:05
    • In Lord of Skull Spiders, the Vahi can be seen at 1:11, after Tahu knock the Lord of Skull Spiders.
    • In The City of Mask Makers, the Vahi can be seen at 0:52, created from cracks on a small structure.
  • When Episode 6 first debuted, Pohatu mistakenly appeared when the narrator first mentioned Earth, while Onua appeared when Stone is mentioned. This was later corrected.


  1. Merlin Mann's Twitter, 10. December 2014