August 10, 2020 is

810NICLE Day

a BIONICLE fan community event


This schedule is a work in progress and is subject to significant change. All video streaming, including the TTV MOC Spotlights, are handled on The Beaverhouse YouTube and The Beaverhouse Twitch in a multistream.

Times are listed in UTC.

Gathered Friends: The Last Ryde

- (1 Hour)
Featuring BIONICLE G2 author Ryder Windham. He won't be happy once he catches windham of that pun.

Quest for the Masks TTS with The Beaverhouse

- (2 Hours)
Watch as six people play a CHILDREN'S CARD GAME... no, not that one. The one with the BIONICLE masks.

TTV MOC Spotlight #1

- (3m 34s)
The Phantom MOCist

TTV MOC Spotlight #2

- (2m 52s)
Attack of the Clone Builds

Wall of History Movie Stream

- (1 Hour)
Show up, or next year we'll do a Wall of Drying Paint Movie Stream.

TTV Special: Interview with CZQ of the Bio-Cup

- (30 Min)
An interview with CZQ of the Bio-Cup.

Wall of History Update #1


BIONICLE Masks of Power Retrospective/Legend of Mata Nui Livestream

- (3 Hours)
This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!

BIONIFIGS Special Interview with Pop Mhan (Link to BIONIFIGS)

- (30 Min)
An interview by Pop Mhan, hosted by our friends from the French BIONICLE site, BIONIFIGS.

TTV MOC Spotlight #3

- (3m 59s)
Revenge of the Solek

Wall of History Update #2


TTV MOC Spotlight #4

- (2m 35s)
Onua Hope

Wall of History Update #3


BS01 Trivia Challenge

- (1 Hour)
Top performers on the preliminary quiz duke it out harder than the peerage.

Red Star Games One-Shot Campaign

- (4 Hours)

Who will lose? The players.

Who will prevail? The viewers.

Who will tell the final tale? The DM.

TTV MOC Spotlight #5

- (3m 11s)
The LEGO Group Strikes Back

Wall of History Update #4


TTV MOC Spotlight #6

- (4m 09s)
Return of the Good Guy