August 10, 2019 is

810NICLE Day

a BIONICLE fan community event


Times are listed in UTC.

Stuart Sayger Art Reveal

Check out BS01's social media for a new piece of BIONICLE art.

Comic and Polybag Giveaway

onward (exact time TBD)
(US only) BS01 is giving away two sealed comics and two polybags. Winners will be revealed at the end of the day!

Mask of Light Livestream and Giveaway

Watch BIONICLE: Mask of Light with the Wall of History's crew and win a DVD copy!

Joey Haas Art Reveal

BS01 drops a new piece of art by Joey Haas on social media.

Gathered Friends Livestream

Join the Beaverhouse as they read through and dissect BIONICLE lore with a franchise newbie.
Possible mature language

Randy Elliott Art Reveal

Take a look at BS01's social media for a second new piece of BIONICLE art.


Read the newly revealed details about Christian Faber's art for BIONIFIGS.

810NICLE Day Livestream: Kickoff

Featuring the Beaverhouse, BS01, the Wall of History, and Red Star Games.

810NICLE Day Livestream: Novel Giveaway

30 mins during - (exact time TBD)
Win a BIONICLE novel courtesy of the Wall of History.

810NICLE Day Livestream: Quest for the Masks Smackdown

Sporadic during -
Six streamers play a brutal match of a modified version of BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks.
Possible mature language

810NICLE Day Livestream: Trivia Challenge

30 mins during -
Four contestants test their knowledge in a BIONICLE trivia challenge hosted by Swert and/or Eljay. Prizes donated by BZPower.

810NICLE Day Livestream: KhingK Kanohi Giveaway

Sporadic during -
Win 3D printed masks designed by KhingK.

810NICLE Day Livestream: Red Star Games Kanohi Giveaway

Win 3D printed masks designed by Red Star Games.

The Legend of Mata Nui REBUILT Release

Litestone Studios releases their long-awaited BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui REBUILT.