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Above is a story bible for the Bionicle stone-legend, and some concept sketches of the Amaja circles.

[3] [4]

Above are two early Bionicle Mata-Nui concepts


Above: dawn of Bionicle concept poster, and an animation. Unable to acquire a LARGE version of the poster and unsure if there is a larger option available.


"This concept poster was done in 2006 trying to envision what the battle in Karda Nui between the Toa and the brotherhood of Makuta would look like. ...He is being chased by an evil looking craft or creature looking like a blend between an “M” for Makuta and a manta ray. ...The fight takes place just next to the “great fall” the water pouring into Karda Nui." Features Av-Matoran spectators.





Above Concepts (7-10): early Toa biomes


non-canon Bionicle "Heroes" game cover concepts

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Velika's Agents


Deputy Toa

A Deputy Toa is the second-in-command of a Toa team. They serve as confidantes to their team leaders and fulfill the role themselves when their leaders are unavailable.

Known Toa

Kopaka, the deputy leader of the Toa Nuva
Nokama led the Toa Hordika during Vakama's defection


  • While most of the Toa team leaders are Toa of Fire, Toa deputies have represented many different elements.
  • Lesovikk was the overall commander of the Toa Cordak,[OGDi: Mar 29 2008, 08.06 AM] while Nikila was considered as the tactical leader.[OGDi: Apr 1 2008, 09:21 PM]

As requested by Zo;Tomana

Sometime between 79,100 Years Ago and 70,000+ Years Ago

  • The Brotherhood of Makuta starts sending servants around the universe to collect Toa that would form teams named Toa Hagah to act as guards for some Makuta.[OGDi: Jul 15 2010, 01:00 PM]
  • Spiriah's Toa Hagah team is formed.[1]

Sometime between 79,100 Years Ago and 7,000+ Years Ago

  • The Toa teams of Norik and Varian join together to stop a Protocairn invasion and the subsequent Parakrekks invasion. Norik and Varian start to work together.
  • The Shadowed One hatches a plan to capture a Toa of Psionics for stasis. Triglax is used to lure Varian in while Lurker and Gatherer capture her.
  • Norik and Varian learn from Matoran on the Northern Continent to investigate the disappearance of three Toa, along with a Toa codenamed 'Grey'. They battle Lurker and Gatherer, who kidnap 'Grey' and daze Varian.
  • Norik rescues Varian, and they pursue the Dark Hunters on their boat. Lurker and Gatherer overpower them and take them to Odina.
  • On Odina, Varian is set to choose the fate of 'Grey' and Norik. She chooses Norik to be returned to the Northern Continent, only to learn that 'Grey' was Triglax all along. Varian is put in stasis on display.[NOGLB]

1,300+ Years Ago

  • Teridax's Toa Hagah team is formed.[C25]
  • The Makuta order the creation of a Fohrok army by the Nynrah Ghosts to imitate Bohrok swarms for the Makuta's army[2]
  • Realizing why the Makuta want the Fohrok, the Nynrah Ghosts sabotage the machines,[2] and are executed by Dark Hunters[citation needed]
  • The Fohrok go on a rampage and are stopped by Teridax's Toa Hagah.[C25, p. 7]


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