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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
This page features non-canon content
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Visorak Commercial

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Visorak Commercial is Non-Canon
Visorak Commercial is considered to be Non-Canonical to the BIONICLE storyline because, although it uses several BIONICLE elements from BIONICLE, the events it portrays were never approved by the BIONICLE Story Team, and are either never referenced in canon media or contradict canon events.
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Visorak Movie
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Visorak
Release Date 2005

Visorak Movie[Videos] was a CGI-animated animation released in 2005 to promote the Visorak canister sets. It continued to be viewable at the Story Archive section of BIONICLE.com as well as in the 2008 update of BIONICLEstory.com until both sites were taken offline in June 2013.


The animation opens with an image of Metru Nui overrun by Visorak webs with the BIONICLE and Metru Nui text logos. A Vohtarak aggressively snaps its pincers at the camera and leaps from its perch. It extends a web and descends down into the mist, while the other five specimens of Visorak launch their Rhotuka Spinners at the camera. The Vohtarak drops onto the area of webbing where the Toa Hordika's cocoons are held. The Visorak approaches the cocoon and injects its venom into the cocoon. Other Visorak are doing the same when a Suukorak notices the camera and launches its Spinner. A Matoran wearing a Noble Komau is visible inside a Matoran Sphere which is closed by an Oohnorak that snaps at the camera and attaches the Sphere to the rest of the Spheres. The Toa Hordika enter the Coliseum and three specimens of Visorak launch their Spinners at the camera. The animation ends with an image of the canister sets of the Visorak.