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The following is the code used on my page for quotes. No {{{Templates}}}!

<div align="{{{align}}}">
"''{{{text}}}''"<br>— {{{source}}}
</div> (make sure to add ":" on the text and source for left aligned quotes)

I'm using this page to sandbox potential files. If you have something to add to whatever is in the lineup, feel free to do so. Quotes are especially welcome.

Things To be Done

  • I'd like to see if the old podcast transcripts can be found: I swear we had a couple of them, but I'm not so sure anymore.
  • Determination of a method by which the page can be divided, as the Event Log division seems to indicate that this page is approaching a kind of Critical Mass.
    • Possible division: Events versus Histories. Take the 9 Event files and create new Subpage (/Events ?). Main Histories page would contain the V File, Event Log Extract, Gravitan's Farewell, and similar files that don't pertain to a particular event or period.
      • /Histories : upcoming CVU Catalogue, The V File, Event Log Extract, O:RAC Annal, Grav's Farewell, The Respect Policy, The MC Template, KH's Farewell
      • /Events or /Histories 2 : Wiki Nui Civil War, BS01 Empire Report, RHG Register, 1st Great Transition, KS01 Record, HS01 Review, 2nd Great Transition, Derpy Hooves Dossier, Greg F. Falsification
    • May need to eventually obtain staff permission for more than 2 subpages, for either formatting purposes, or for additional archival work such as storing the ELog Archives or old Organization Pages (ooh, that's an idea. /Pages ?) If so, could split everything between:
      • /Histories as a Hub page, and everything else a sub-sub-page? Are those still a thing?
      • /Records <--Could further split with /Organizations
      • /Events
      • /Pages *new*
      • /ELog Archive 1, /ELog Archive 2 (for if/when we decide to purge) *new*

Contributing Users

  1. User 1


Reconstructed Tables

To Do

WikiCon Statuses CVU Staff Template] as well as the userbox, and possibly take a crack at the (presumed) switch template there?

Potential Files

Counter Vandalism Unit Catalogue Needs:

  • Founding Date (April 4th, 2006? Earliest date available.)
  • Information on old WikiCon. Use of "userbox" style instead of images?
  • Any notable instances?
  • Legacy (why disbanded? Disbanded in favor of APO April 7th, 2008?)
  • Information on replacement (APO?)
  • Related Templates (may need reconstructing)
  • Quotes

APO - Authorized Personnel Only, a reference to the TV series Alias

"my sister was a huge fan of Alias
she recommended the name
— Swert


I know for a fact Torritorri didn't get a name change. His userpage was deleted in the latest transition. As for the others who don't have links to their userpage, I just checked the user list, and they don't seem to have had name changes either. They just joined so early, the user list doesn't even say when they joined. --Vartemp 02:34, 20 September 2014 (CEST)

Thanks =) ζoxHistories External Image