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“Look, I advise you to get a career, what can I say?”

So he took me aside and said, “What do you want to do? What’s your dream?” Eddie: “I want to be a space astronaut and go to space and discover things that have never been discovered yet” “Look your Brittish, so scale it down a bit.” Eddie: “I want to work in a shoe shop discover shoes that have never been discovered in the back of store on the left….” Advisor: “Look your Brittish, so scale it down a bit.” Eddie: “I want to work in a sewer and discover sewer that’s never been discovered and pile it on my head and sell myself to an art gallery…” Advisor: “What have you been smoking?


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User Status mentally crazy
BZPower Username voxumo
BZPower Status mentally disturbed and up to my 150th post
Location tok alaska
Gender male
Favorite Set bahrag or baranus v7

my life

I'm currently 18 years old . my bzpower name is Voxumo my birthday is 01/18/93. I live in Tok Alaska

side notes

i was at onetime user makuta222 yet that was more than 4 years ago and my email for that account was disabled and i have no recollection of my password. that is why i'm using some information from that page.

my stories and creations


unknown causee,a comedy

my blog Alaskan Bionicles

my epic the switch mirror


my moc page

  1. Voxumo the reality walker
  2. Voxumo toa of ice
  3. Voxumo av-matoran
  4. Makuta Voxumo
  5. Skakdi Voxumo
  6. Toa Nili toa of twilight
  7. Vali mutated klakk
  8. Zakano Turaga of iron
  9. Vanuka Frost walker
  10. Phuna toa of lightning
  11. Yarsata toa of psionics
  12. Gedorna toa of gravity
  13. Granato toa of plantlife
  14. Shifter a dark hunter
  15. Striker assistant to Shifter
  16. Toa Solek
  17. Shadow Ahkmou
  18. Solano le-matoran who acts like a onu-matoran
  19. The V.A.C( Volitak Assault Craft) created by Solano
  20. And several different Rahi

friends on bzpower

  1. user:cholie
  2. user:bioran23
  3. Torynii
  4. snoopy82
  5. master zeidak
  6. Joller
  7. Ghost face


Toa Ignika2.png This user's other ride is a flying surfboard.