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  1. Way too many elements/ice and water are the same thing: Ice is just really cold water. stone and earth are pretty much the same thing in terms of having power over one or the other. gravity isn't really an "element" that composes our world, nor is magnetism, sound, or psionics. (more to the point, any of the other toa could probably control sound, given that sound is just a compression wave through a given medium: a toa of air should be able to make noises with his power, and a water toa should be able to do the same under water. we've certainly seen le-toa create silence before.) plasma is just really hot fire (i'm not getting into the physics/material science on that one - too much to explain. if you really want to hear more about that though, feel free to message me :) ). The only differences between the ko/ga tribes (and the onu/po or ta/su ones for that matter) are purely cultural; they have the exact same powers. Ko/Ga-toa powers work mostly like those of waterbenders from "Avatar: The Last Airbender", if you're familiar. (if you're not, it's a pretty good show if you like elemental powers. just keep in mind that all the Avatars are actually the same person haha.) Ditto for Onu/Po-toa, but I haven't decided if metal should be a separate element - but they can totally control lava, which is just melted rock/earth.
  2. The elemental-sex affiliation is bogus: Come on, are there really no toa of water that are surfer dudes? Someone write a fanfic about a toa of water whose catchphrase is "surf's up, man!" or something like that. I'm sure there are females of the other elements as well - otherwise the matoran universe would be a giant sausage fest. (yup, i just went there. i'll look back at that sentence and cringe later.)
a. on a tangentially related note, romance is (head)canon.
  1. Brutaka's species is the precursor for the Makuta species: we know that Brutaka's species interacts in a funny way with antidermis. What if that's how the Makuta were made? By dipping Brukata's species in antidermis, the substance causes them to transform into makuta after a period of strange symptoms that include floating off the floor, organic muscle hypertrophy, and glowing green.
a. also on a tangent, has anyone seen ABC's "Once Upon A Time"? what if the maktua are like the dark one, and they have some bionicle equivalent of the dark one's dagger that can be used to control them? that would work as a pretty good foil to the fact that they're so over-powered.