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Toa Seal

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"Their six elements flowed together to form a beam of pure white energy, which they hurled at Makuta, leeching his shadow power from him. A shell of protodermis formed around the master of shadows, sealing him in. With a final burst of power, the beam marked his prison with the sign of the Toa."
— Narrator, Legends of Metru Nui
Toa Seal
LoMN Winged Teridax In Toa Seal.PNG
Function Trap beings in a powerful protodermic cage
Known states Solid
Primary location Matoran Universe (formerly)
Pronunciation Pro-toe-DERR-miss

A Toa Seal or Protodermis Cage is created when any six Toa of any six different elements join their Elemental Powers together at the exact same time to create an impenetrable Protodermis prison. Timing must be precise in order to form such a seal.[1]

There have been two known cages: the seal of Teridax, made by the Toa Metru, and the seal of the Bahrag, made by the Toa Mata.

The only way to free a being from the cage is to unlock it with the same elemental powers that formed it, as seen when the Toa Nuva unlocked the cage that trapped the Bahrag. Even a fraction of the Toa Seal will suffice; Roodaka carved a sliver off of Teridax's cage, and later caught all six elements within it, unlocking the entire cage. The crystal is extremely durable, and harms those who attempt to damage it. The act of carving a small piece off of Teridax's seal caused Roodaka great pain and nearly killed her.

Beings other than Toa (save Krahka) cannot combine powers of any sort to create a Toa Seal.


  • Toa of Light and Toa of Shadow are unable to create a seal together, as the two elements cancel each other out.
  • If the Toa Inika had created a Toa Seal, it would have been electrified.
  • A Toa's elemental energy can be drained once the Toa has died, and used to open the seal. Roodaka planned to do this with the Toa Hordika.


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