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Timeline/Mahri Nui

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One Year and One Week Ago

Mahri Nui
  • Reysa is killed by a Giant Squid while he overlooks the Hydruka harvesting Airweed.
  • Defilak becomes the month's Council leader in Mahri Nui, and proposes an expedition to see what lies beyond Mahri Rock, which is passed by the Council.
  • Kyrehx finds the Ignika and is cursed by it.
  • A Sea Squid also sees the mask and alerts Kalmah.
  • Kyrehx runs to bring the mask to the Council Chamber, however, she is attacked by seaweed which was animated to life because of the mask's curse.
  • Dekar saves her from the seaweed.
  • Kyrehx, realizing the mask was responsible for the seaweed mishap, gives the mask to Dekar.
  • Dekar puts the Ignika in his pack and begins his duty of water hunting.
  • Defilak, Gar, Sarda, and Idris travel down into the black water in Defilak's Underwater Submarine.
  • Defilak's submarine is attacked by Takea Sharks, which are led by Pridak.
  • Ehlek sends his army of Venom Eels to destroy the city of Mahri Nui.
  • Dekar is interrupted in his water hunting by the Venom Eel army, and tries to attack them.
  • Dekar discovers that he, too, has been cursed by the mask, and flees to Mahri Nui.
  • The Matoran of Mahri Nui try to fight against the Venom Eels.
  • Kyrehx is kidnapped by Carapar who takes her to Takadox.
  • Takadox hypnotizes Kyrehx, and learns that the Ignika is still kept in Mahri Nui.
  • Gar, Idris, Defilak, and Sarda are kidnapped by Pridak and taken into a prison cave.
  • Pridak takes Sarda and throws him out of the air bubble he was kept in, and into the open ocean, and he is quickly surrounded by Takea Sharks.
  • Sarda is rescued by Lesovikk.
  • The two are attacked by Karzahni and Sarda ends up mutated.
  • Takadox sends Carapar to stop Ehlek and his Venom Eel army, who would destroy the mask in the attack on Mahri Nui as well.
  • Dekar decides it is best to get rid of the Ignika, and intends to destroy it.
  • Defilak learns that Pridak is in fact a Barraki.
  • Pridak forces Defilak to tell him about the Mask of Life. Defilak says he will show Pridak where it is.
  • Carapar lets Kyrehx go and swims towards Ehlek to tell him to stop.
Kalmah and Takadox in the Inner Pit
  • Takadox and Kalmah follow Mantax down the Pit, where they meet Zyglak.
  • Nocturn finds them and Takadox tricks him into attacking the creatures.
  • Then, Kalmah gets Mantax so they could find the mask together.
  • Dekar hurries to a cavern far away from the city so he can destroy the mask.
  • Kalmah and Mantax find him and attempt an attack.
  • Gar and Idris make a plan to escape from a hole in the ceiling.
  • They manage to escape during a tremor, and they hurry to Mahri Nui.
  • Defilak lies about the mask to Pridak.
  • The Ignika creates a 300 foot long Venom Eel to save itself from Dekar.
  • The Ignika gives Dekar a vision about its past.
  • Defilak and Kyrehx shatter the city's Lightstones to hide the city from the Venom Eel.
  • Pridak attacks the Venom Eel.
  • Carapar and Ehlek take the opportunity to search Pridak's cave.
  • The Venom Eel hears sounds of battle in the Stone Cord, indicating the coming arrival of the Toa Inika.
  • The Venom Eel wraps itself around cord and constricts.
  • Brutaka claims that he should have the mask.
  • The Barraki do not believe Brutaka and he is carried off by a Giant Squid to the Black Water.
  • The Barraki claim the Mask of Life, which starts to glow so brightly that it illuminates the entire region.
  • The Venom Eel breaks the cord.
The Fields of Air
  • The Order of Mata Nui loses contact with their operative at Mahri Nui.
  • The Toa Inika are transformed into more water resistant forms, due to energies from the Ignika. Their mask and tools are changed as well.
  • The Toa Mahri fight the 300 foot eel, discovering some of their new mask powers and defeat it.
  • Dekar swims away from the sea cave, only to be transformed into a clone of the Pit jailer, Hydraxon by the Ignika becoming Dekar-Hydraxon.
  • The Antidermis gas is revealed to be Teridax and he thinks up a plan to corrupt the Toa Inika.
  • Toa Nuparu finds Mahri Nui and swims toward it, only to be attacked by the villagers.
  • Toa Matoro approaches and tells them they mean no harm. Defilak agrees to allow one Toa in, and the rest must defend Mahri Nui.
  • Matoro enters, but soon figures out he can not breath air any more.
  • The Toa Inika meet the Barraki, all the while scaring off the Keras Crabs near the airfield.
  • Pridak asks what they did to become prisoners of The Pit. Hahli tells a lie on the behalf of the Toa.
  • The Barraki brings them to their cave and gives each Toa an individual cave to dwell within.
  • The Barraki agree what to do with the Ignika. They bring it to the Razor Whale's Teeth to place it under guard of Nocturn.
  • Carapar and Kalmah stay behind to guard the tunnels.
  • Nuparu, using his Kanohi Volitak, the Mask of Stealth, sneaks into Hahli's cave and asks her what she knows about the League of Six Kingdoms.
  • Hewkii, using his Garai, the Mask of Gravity escapes from his cave too.
  • Back at Mahri Nui, Idris tells that she saw the Inika talking to the Barraki. Defilak is about to act, when Matoro escapes, only to be captured by Dekar-Hydraxon and sent to prison in the depths.
  • Jaller and Kongu attempt an escape, only to be caught by the Barraki and have a Hahnah Crab follow them. Kongu summons a creature from the depths with his Zatth, Mask of Summoning, only to be swept aside by it.
  • Nuparu finds a room full of treasures. He finds a Cordak Blaster and tests it out.
  • The Toa meet up with each other, with Hewkii and Nuparu hauling a box of treasure. All six Toa take one Cordak blaster, except for Kongu, who takes two in place of his melee weapon. Jaller also takes the crab with him.
  • Matoro is left in his prison with a Maxilos robot, and its pet Spinax. Just as the Toa of Ice is about to escape, Teridax possesses the robot and frees Matoro, warning not to reveal his true identity to anyone.
  • The Toa all come back to Mahri Nui, only to be fired upon once again. Hahli and Kongu create a twister around Defilak, but put him back in the bubble just as he was about to die. Hahli proclaims that if she wanted him dead, he would be.
  • Matoro and Maxilos arrive at Mahri Nui, discussing what they should do to find the Ignika. Teridax/Maxilos suggests to go in pairs, and Jaller agrees. Hahli says she is much better on her own.
  • Before they leave, Defilak is left speechless about the Toa's willingness to help the Matoran. He then dubs the Inika a new name: the Toa Mahri.
Defilak coins the term Toa Mahri.
  • At the Razor Whale's Teeth, Nocturn gets bored of the Mask of Life. He throws it away, as a Gadunka creature takes refuge beneath it. Nocturn then realizes something: he could kill anything he touched. So he goes off to find Ehlek, the mask with him, not realizing the Gadunka creature was growing.
  • The Toa set off in teams, Kongu with Jaller, Hewkii with Nuparu, and Maxilos with Matoro. Hahli goes on her own.
  • Jaller and Kongu are ambushed by Sea Squids when searching the Ignika in caves.
  • Hahli is ambushed and is punctured by Mantax's head spikes while she searches the sea floor.
  • Nuparu and Hewkii look for the Kanohi Ignika in a trench, but are quickly ambushed by Ehlek and his Venom Eels.
  • Matoro and Maxilos/Teridax meet Takadox and Pridak, and start a battle between Takea sharks and zombies.
  • Toa Jaller saves both Mahri by shooting intense heat into both Toa, and causing the squids to flee. They try to make a deal with Carapar and Kalmah, but Kalmah asks them to kill Pridak first.
  • Toa Hahli uses her Kanohi Faxon, copies the skills of a fish who can counter that particular type of venom. She makes a deal with Mantax.
  • Hewkii and Nuparu find themselves in the trench, which is surrounded by Venom eels. Nuparu shoots a slab of rock to carry them up, while shooting the eels with the Cordak blasters. They end up meeting Ehlek, and Hewkii uses his mask to drop one of Pridak's Takea sharks on the Venom eels. Ehlek then turns on Pridak.
  • The Toa Nuva infiltrate Metru Nui's Great Temple and find the scroll they needed to carry out the mission gave to them by Axonn. The scroll lists several things to do to prepare for the awakening of the Great Spirit. The first task: To reawaken the Bohrok swarms.
  • The Toa Nuva head to Mata Nui and release the Bahrag. Onua tells the Bahrag what to do, and the Bohrok swarms awaken and start to clean the island to the way it was supposed to be.
  • The Toa Nuva go to Odina to recover the Staff of Artakha. They defeat Minion and Airwatcher.
  • The Toa Nuva, inside the Odina Fortress, discover that the Staff is on Xia.
  • The Toa Nuva on Xia capture Roodaka and force her to turn the Rahaga back into Toa Hagah. Onua is defeated by Makuta Icarax, who is searching for the Staff.
  • Icarax learns of a weapons order placed by the Order of Mata Nui
  • The Toa Nuva travel to Karzahni, where Icarax said he would be. They free the Matoran but are defeated by Icarax. However, Gali sweeps him away with a Nova Blast.
  • Matoro and Pridak continue the fight, as the Venom Eels join it. It gives Matoro and Maxilos time to flee.
  • Maxilos/Teridax leads Matoro down the Pit. He finds Tuyet's corpse and orders Matoro to reanimate her.
  • Matoro does so and Teridax shows the Toa the pieces of the Nui Stone, an artifact he wants to recreate.
  • Matoro, Maxilos, and Tuyet swim to Mahri Nui and meet Hahli, who suspects something is wrong.
  • The three meet Icarax, who gives them the Staff of Artakha.
  • Maxilos fights Karzahni and defeats his army of Manas. The ruler exploits his mind, but Teridax recovers and tears the dictator's mind to shreds.
Sarda and Idris confront Karzahni.
  • Lesovikk, Sarda, and Idris follow Karzahni and find him in a cave.
  • Karzahni uses his Kanohi Olisi to make Lesovikk see his old team again.
  • Lesovikk breaks free of the vision and witnesses Karzahni to get caught in a trap the two Matoran had prepared.
  • Botar teleports Karzahni away and Idris leaves using a Lesovikk-built apparatus to breathe water. Sarda and Lesovikk also leave.
  • Maxilos/Teridax tries repairing the Nui Stone with the Staff of Artakha, but Brutaka attacks him, summoning Botar to take the Staff away.
  • After a brief fight, Teridax leaves to prevent Dekar-Hydraxon from destroying the Ignika.
  • The Toa Inika return to Mahri Nui, but Defilak is disappointed that battles get closer to Mahri Nui every time. Then a Ga-Matoran reveals that an army of manta rays are heading for Mahri Nui - With Hahli in the lead.
  • Nocturn, looking for Ehlek, finds Dekar-Hydraxon instead. He explains that Hydraxon is deceased, but Dekar-Hydraxon is a clone so he does not know. Dekar-Hydraxon defeats Nocturn in a quick battle, and finds the mask. A part of him tells him it is valuable, but remnants of Dekar's mind want to destroy it, so he fires a Cordak rocket at it.
  • As the Mahri look for the Toa of Water, Matoro asks what to do next. Maxilos answers that they need to destroy the stone cord, bring Voya Nui down on Mahri Nui and killing every Matoran in it.
  • The Toa Nuva split up to cover more tasks. Tahu and Kopaka cap active volcanoes, Onua and Pohatu collect the Heart of the Visorak, and Lewa collects the Great Sundial and leaves it in the Archives as instructed by a mysterious voice.
  • Gali looks through the Great Telescope at the Red Star and a voice prompts her to use her Akaku Nuva at the same time. She sees Kestora in the Red Star.
  • Botar brings all the Toa Nuva to Daxia where they see the Staff of Artakha being used to repair the universe.
  • The Toa Nuva are teleported to Artakha.
  • In the Pit, Hahli sends a riptide at the mask, making the Dekar-Hydraxon's Cordak miss. Before Dekar-Hydraxon can shoot again, Mantax catches the Mask of Life, and steals Dekar-Hydraxon and Hahli's energy to make him stronger, causing the Pit jailer and the Toa of Water to go unconscious.
  • When the Toa Mahri find her, Dekar-Hydraxon and Mantax are long gone, so Matoro sends Teridax and Spinax to track Dekar-Hydraxon, but there were other problems;
  • Matoro shares his information with the Toa Mahri and they all escort the Mahri Nui and Voya Nui Matoran to subterranean caves on Voya Nui with the help of Axonn.
  • The Toa encounter the Piraka, mutated and more evil, and after a fight, the Toa resume their quest.
  • Axonn provides the Toa Mahri with a "living vehicle" called the Toa Terrain Crawler, which escorts them down in time for battle.
  • The Barraki meet and Mantax exhibits the Tablet of Transit, and asks the Barraki to reveal who signed it.
  • Maxilos reaches Dekar-Hydraxon but the latter makes an avalanche, burying the robot.
  • The Barraki's meeting is interrupted by the avalanche and Takadox (who was the traitor), battles against Mantax, with an enlarged Gadunka in pursuit.
  • Matoro and Jaller go after the Ignika, while the rest stay behind to face other dangers.
  • Hewkii encounters the giant Gadunka, and quickly defeats him by sending electricity into him with his Electrified Chains.
  • Jaller severely burns Mantax, and is about to take the Ignika when Dekar-Hydraxon interferes and throws him into a nearby cliff side.
The Kanohi Ignika saving Mata Nui
  • Maxilos/Teridax, frees himself and Takadox, paralyzed by Mantax, tries to hypnotize, him but fails.
  • Matoro sees Teridax heading toward Jaller who is facing Dekar-Hydraxon. Matoro quickly freezes him, hoping he will never escape.
  • Jaller throws a jet hot bursts at Dekar-Hydraxon, who goes around it, and it hits Maxilos instead, helping him escape his icy prison.
  • Spinax pounces on Dekar-Hydraxon, and Maxilos reveals that Spinax is now his pet. From here, Dekar-Hydraxon and Teridax have a fierce battle.
  • Matoro grabs the mask. Jaller asks what was up with Maxilos, and the shadowy figure answers "I have my reasons little Toa, I do indeed."
  • The Toa Mahri regroup, but meet Gadunka, the 300 foot long Venom Eel, and the ancient Rahi Kongu had summoned.
  • Hahli and Kongu trap the Rahi, Hewkii lowers the eel gravity and Gadunka is turned back into it's original, smaller, form.
  • The Mahri use their Cordak blasters to fire on the cord, making it fall straight into Mahri Nui, and then further down into the Pit.
  • The Mahri are pursued by the Barraki and their armies, but as they run away, Mata Nui dies.
  • The Mahri face the Barraki, while Matoro follows Voya Nui. He witnesses it returning to the Southern Continent and slips under it, into Karda Nui.
  • Back in the pit, the Toa Mahri are losing the battle. Jaller prepares to unleash a Nova Blast, hoping to slow down the Barraki.
  • Mutran, while tending to the Shadow Leech vats, remembers the past of the Brotherhood of Makuta, reflecting on the many events he has witnessed.
  • Vamprah turns Radiak into a Shadow Matoran.
  • Matoro, at the suggestion of a mysterious voice, dons the Ignika and manages to revive the Great Spirit at the cost of his own life, but not before teleporting the Toa Mahri back to Metru Nui, where they become air breathers again.
  • Vamprah, Chirox, and Antroz are blinded by the light given off by the Ignika.
  • The Kanohi Ignika falls into the Swamp of Secrets, and turns silver due to the imbalance caused by the actions of the Makuta in Karda Nui.
  • Jaller barely forces down the Nova Blast.
  • Vakama approaches and informs them that Matoro is deceased.
  • One day later, Dekar-Hydraxon is attacked by Takea, defeats them, and is confronted by Pridak.
  • Pridak shows Dekar-Hydraxon the helmet of the original Hydraxon, and reveals that he is not the true Hydraxon.
  • Confused and angry, Dekar-Hydraxon refuses to believe the story, but gradually comes to understand what happened.
  • He captures Pridak, claiming that he is Hydraxon now, and nothing can change that.
  • Some time later, on Artakha, the Toa Nuva are given Adaptive Armor and are teleported to Karda Nui by Artakha.