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"The Skakdi are, as a rule, warlike, brutal, traitorous, and violent - and those are their nicer qualities."
Toa Helryx, World

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Skakdi Piraka.png
Sapient Species
Powers Latent elemental abilities, vision powers, other abilities
Locations Zakaz (formerly), Aqua Magna, other regions of Spherus Magna
Status Active
Pronunciation SKOCK-dee

The Skakdi are the short-tempered and violent natives of the island of Zakaz, created by the Great Spirit Mata Nui.


Early History

Zakaz, the homeland of the Skakdi

Mata Nui created the Skakdi, and they existed as a relatively peaceful race. A Brotherhood of Makuta member, Spiriah, made his way onto the island about 75,000 years ago under orders, and sought a use in the Skakdi as soldiers. Experiments performed by Spiriah caused the Skakdi to gain Elemental Powers that could only work in combinations, as well as vision powers and other abilities. He then departed the island, leaving Visorak behind to keep guard, planning to return later. With their newfound powers, the Skakdi turned on the spider-like Rahi, and eventually began fighting amongst themselves. When Spiriah returned, he found that his experiment had failed. This incident resulted in his exile and wanted execution by the Brotherhood.

Arguments between the Skakdi turned into a civil war, which ravaged the island, with the only place of truce being the freshwater lake in the island's center. The warlords of Zakaz stopped the war by taking control of the factions.

One Skakdi was sent to the Pit for committing unpardonable crimes. After the Great Cataclysm, he escaped into the endless ocean of Aqua Magna, and was mutated to be able to breathe water. He was later wounded by the Barraki Pridak and left for sea predators.

War with the Brotherhood

Six members of the Skakdi race are known to have been recruited into the Dark Hunters. They later left the Hunters to find the legendary Kanohi Ignika, and began calling themselves Piraka. Their adventures eventually led to their mutation, and they escaped into the Cord. During an attempt to enact revenge on the team of Toa that had thwarted their efforts, they were captured by Order of Mata Nui member Axonn, and held on Daxia.

By the time of the Order of Mata Nui/Brotherhood of Makuta War, there were approximately a half dozen Skakdi warlords on Zakaz.[1] One of these was Nektann.

Many Skakdi clashed with Axonn and Brutaka, who had arrived on their island hoping to gain them as allies. The intruders managed to convince their master, Nektann to ally with them, and proceeded to convince the other warlords of the island. The Skakdi armies traveled to one of the Matoran Universe's southern islands, where they battled a small army of Rahkshi. While the Rahkshi held the upper hand at first, the Skakdi managed to muster enough sheer rage to decimate their opponents ranks.

Several Skakdi were recruited into Pridak's new army upon his release from the Pit.

Teridax's Reign

After Teridax took control of the universe, Nektann and his legions agreed in allying with him. The Mahri were sent by the Order shortly afterward to investigate whether or not other Skakdi warlords were going follow in Nektann's lead. Infiltrating a base on Zakaz, the five Toa came upon an army of Skakdi who shouted refusal of Teridax's dominance. As a vat of Energized Protodermis arose, the Toa watched as they dropped into the substance a Vortixx, a Zyglak, a being from the worker species on Stelt, and the five missing Piraka. The beings fused and climbed out of the tank, and it soon convinced the Toa Mahri to serve the Skakdi people.

Rahkshi were eventually sent to Zakaz to deal with the Skakdi that had not joined with Teridax and they brutalized the resisters. Promised a new world to conquer, Nektann took his Skakdi to the southern reaches of the Matoran Universe.

Skakdi and Rahkshi charging the Glatorian on Bara Magna

Along with Rahkshi of Heat Vision, Nektann and his army were in the Southern Islands when Gresh opened a door into the Matoran Universe. The Rahkshi emerged first onto the planet of Bara Magna, followed by Nektann and his Skakdi. They then began to fight the Glatorian.

Toa soon emerged from the hatch and assisted the Glatorian. Tahu was able to defeat Nektann in order to claim the Golden Armor shield piece. Soon after the Kraata in the Rahkshi were vaporized, and Teridax killed, the Toa and Glatorian's combined forces surrounded the Skakdi. Some surrendered to the army, while others ran into the desert to regroup.

The Skakdi that had not joined Teridax eventually escaped the Matoran Universe and arrived on the newly reformed Spherus Magna. The fusion created a fortress larger than Metru Nui for them to inhabit. Later, this fortress was attacked by Annona, who confused the Skakdi with illusions while it began to spread the Dreaming Plague amongst them. The fusion confronted Annona and refused to surrender, and the fusion trapped Annona in rock spikes. The Skakdi were driven insane as Annona fed on their dreams at once, and some that tried to attack Annona were killed. The fusion brought the Skakdi's dreams to life, destroying the fortress. When Sahmad dreamed away dreams, Annona could not feed on the Skakdi any longer, and was subsequently transported to another world. Sahmad then worked with the fusion to restore the Skakdi's ability to dream, and was informed that the fusion would not remain isolated with its army for very long.

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, the Skakdi were among the many beings who fled to the island of Mata Nui when Mata Nui died. They made their home mostly in the region formerly known as Po-Wahi. Nektann also became a member of Turaga Takanuva's ruling council.

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In this alternate timeline where Mata Nui had completed his mission, the Skakdi species left the Matoran Universe and were enemies of the Agori and the Matoran. Later, they were conscripted into an army led by Makuta Miserix and attacked a village where an alternate Vezon had just arrived.

Abilities and Traits

The Piraka, a group of rogue Skakdi Dark Hunters

All Skakdi (excluding Vezon) possess an organic spine that runs from the back of the head, down the arms, and down the back. They also have sharp claws and large teeth which seem to make a sinister smile or scowl. All Skakdi also have Elemental Powers, but can only be accessed by combining them with that of another Skakdi. Their vision powers include abilities such as Laser Vision, Heat Vision, and impact vision. A large number of Skakdi have other abilities as well. Most of them are either physically damaged, mentally deranged, or in some other way warped by Spiriah's experiment. Skakdi are very bellicose, and love to join any fight.

Skakdi also have the ability to wear Kanohi, though most lack the mental discipline required to use a Mask of Power.

Skakdi are known to chew and ingest their food, choosing to do so over the typical method of absorbing energy, as other inhabitants of the Matoran Universe view this act as repulsive.

There are both male and female Skakdi; the females are more vicious and destructive.[1] Skakdi's genders are not tied to their element.[2]

Spine Slugs, a parasitic species of Rahi, often live symbiotically on the spines of Skakdi and are rumored to contribute to their aggressive behavior.

Known Skakdi

  • Piraka
  • Several Skakdi warlords
    • Nektann
    • A warlord that gave a speech rallying against Teridax
  • A Skakdi banished to the Pit; wounded by Pridak and left for sea beasts (deceased)
  • An army of Skakdi belonging to Nektann that was buried in rubble by Brutaka
    • A green Skakdi armed with a spiked club that attacked Axonn
    • A Skakdi with Ice powers
    • A Skakdi with Fire powers
  • Several Skakdi recruited into Pridak's new army
  • An army of Skakdi that opposed Makuta Teridax and created the Skakdi Fusion
    • Many Skakdi trapped in Annona's illusions
    • Several Skakdi killed by Annona in battle (deceased)
  • An army of Skakdi that Nektann commanded when he sided with Teridax
    • A Skakdi with a double-bladed axe that assaulted Gresh and was later defeated by Tahu and Takanuva

Social Structure and Interactions

While not the most trustworthy species, the Skakdi usually managed to live in peace with other races. After Spiriah's experiment, the Skakdi turned on each other and began their long tradition of being brutal, murderous, and treacherous beings.

The rulers of Zakaz have been known to tell their people stories of monstrous creatures to scare them. In the same way Turaga tell stories of Toa to bring hope to Matoran, they tell stories of Irnakk, a beast who brings your worst fears to life, to keep their race in line.

Keeping a Skakdi as a prisoner is known to be futile, as they only ever exchange information for their freedom. Accordingly, Skakdi never have an area for holding prisoners.

The Skakdi have their own language.


"Right behind them came some of the strangest beings he ever saw, warriors with huge jaws and weird, serpent-like external spines lined with spikes. These were armed with swords, axes and other hand weapons."
— Narrator, BIONICLE: Journey's End


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