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"The light is drained from you, and what's left is... sharper, clearer. You know what you have to do... and you know you won't let anyone stop you."
Gavla, Shadows in the Sky
External Image
Shadow Matoran
Vultraz, the last remaining Shadow Matoran
Matoran Type
Element Shadow
Preferred Regions Dark places
Transforms Into Toa of Shadow

Shadow Matoran are Matoran who have been deprived of their Light, replacing their prior Element with Shadow. They do not naturally occur, and were a product of having their inner light forcefully drained.


Makuta Mutran, Tridax and Makuta Chirox developed the technique of draining a Matoran's Light to make them into a being of Shadow. They used mutated Kraata known as Shadow Leeches to do this. The first Shadow Matoran was Vican, a Le-Matoran who willingly volunteered for the experiment. He was followed not long afterwards by Vultraz, a Ta-Matoran.

The first Av-Matoran to be corrupted during the Brotherhood of Makuta assault on Karda Nui was Gavla, who was attacked by Makuta Chirox. Soon the inhabitants of four of the five Av-Matoran Stalactite Villages had been transformed resulting in the creation of several hundred Shadow Matoran. Being the first Av-Matoran to become a Shadow Matoran, the Makuta chose Gavla to lead the Shadow Matoran.

Kirop's light being restored

When Toa Mahri Matoro used the Kanohi Ignika in Karda Nui, it caused a surge of light that blinded three of the seven invading Makuta that were in the air: Antroz, Vamprah and Chirox. In order to be able to see again, they chose three Shadow Matoran, Radiak, Gavla, and Kirop, to have them ride on their backs so that the Makuta could establish a mental link with them and so see through their eyes.

Later, a Klakk was created in Karda Nui by Mutran. Vican soon discovered that the Rahi's power scream had the ability to break the mental barrier preventing the Matoran's light from returning. He then found Takanuva and revealed his discovery to him. To prove it, they found the Klakk and cured Radiak. From there, all of the Shadow Matoran in Karda Nui were cured, with Gavla being the last one. Vultraz is the last known Shadow Matoran. Since he was left in another dimension, there are no more Shadow Matoran left in the Matoran Universe.


Chirox created a Rahi-Matoran hybrid by tossing a Shadow Matoran into a vat that contained one of Mutran's Rahi experiments. The resulting creature had the ability to fly and was used by Vican as a mount. It had the partial mentality of a Matoran, and therefore was difficult for Vican to control, as it could try to fly on its own. He rode it to Destral in order to summon Makuta Icarax to Karda Nui and back again. He later used it to stop Mutran from falling after the Makuta had unleashed a devastating blast of Shadow. Soon after, Vican abandoned it in Karda Nui, where it was killed by the Energy Storms after Mata Nui was awakened.

Abilities and Traits

When a Matoran's Light has been drained, they lose their original Element-related ability, which is replaced with the ability to shoot bolts of Shadow. Former Av-Matoran also have access to more diverse powers when in contact with a Makuta or a Toa. The Matoran also loses some of their natural armor colors when drained of their Light, being replaced by black, although they often retain at least one of their previous armor colors. If a Shadow Matoran transforms into a Toa, they will retain their new element as well as any mutations they have received.

Upon being drained of their Light, a mental barrier prevents Light from naturally returning to the Matoran. The Matoran also become inherently evil, usually losing most previous personality traits. Only Shadow Leeches, the Kanohi Avsa, and Gorast's stinger were known to be able to drain Light, although Gorast's stinger and the Kanohi Avsa were not able to create the mental barrier unless the Light drain was total.

The only known means of removing the mental barrier that prevents Shadow Matoran from regaining their light is the sonic scream of the Klakk. The return of their light is gradual, and while the cured Matoran promptly regain their moral balance, their armor takes some time to be fully restored to its natural color.

Most Shadow Matoran possessed other unusual traits such as wings and claws. These were the results of experimentation and mutation performed by Mutran after their corruption. The Makuta also removed the Shadow Matoran's masks, replacing them with masks considered immoral (such as the Jutlin or Shelek).[1]

Known Shadow Matoran

  • Gavla (restored): Outcast Av-Matoran who enjoyed being a Shadow Matoran. She was partnered with Vamprah.
  • Kirop (restored): Former leader of the Av-Matoran. He was partnered with Chirox.
  • Radiak (restored): Warrior Av-Matoran turned into a Shadow Matoran. He was partnered with Antroz.
  • Vican (restored): A corrupted Le-Matoran and the first of the Shadow Matoran. He was Mutran's lab assistant.
  • Vultraz: Former Ta-Matoran; was the second Shadow Matoran to be transformed, and is currently the only Shadow Matoran left.
  • A Shadow Matoran that was hurled into a mutating vat by Mutran and turned into a Rahi-Matoran Hybrid. (transformed, deceased)


  • The Shadow Matoran do not see themselves as a tribe, and as such do not use a prefix in their moniker.


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