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Sea Survival

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This page features non-canon content

Sea Survival
Sea Survival Main.PNG
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Arrow keys, space bar
Availability Unavailable

Sea Survival was a promotional game on jetix.co.uk. When it was first released, there was a contest in conjunction with the game in which BIONICLE Barraki sets could be won from getting high scores in the game. The object of this game is to jump onto the Barraki warlords as the Po-Matoran, Dekar, and defeat them while avoiding their attacks.


  • Left/Right - Move left and right respectively
  • Space Bar - Jump; once in the air, repeatedly hit the space bar to swim upwards


The player takes control of Dekar while trying to defeat three different Barraki, (Mantax, Carapar, and Takadox) by jumping on them (There may be more than one "clone" of the same Barraki). There are six levels in the game, two for each background style, (regular, cave, and Airweed).


  • First Place Winners: all six Barraki sets and Nocturn.
  • Fifty Runner-Up Players: One random Barraki set.


  • Dekar
  • Mantax
  • Carapar
  • Takadox


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