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Saga Guides
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Saga Guides

(Saga Guides)

The Saga Guides are in depth story guides created by BIONICLEsector01 to cover everything that has happened in the BIONICLE storyline, from 2001 to present (including flashbacks and historical contexts). The Saga Guides are divided into two distinct categories; one featuring the first generation of BIONICLE (2001–2011) and the other featuring its second generation (2015–present). Also included are fan-made stories that were accepted into canon as part of the Expanded Universe of BIONICLE, and are hosted on BS01.

Generation 1

History of Spherus Magna

History of Bara Magna

History of the Matoran Universe

Legends of Metru Nui

Island of Mata Nui

Quest for the Mask of Life

Teridax's Reign

Bara Magna

Spherus Magna

Generation 2

History of Okoto

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