Rotating Fire Blades

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External Image
Rotating Fire Blades
Comic Rotating Blades (Tahu).PNG
Status Transformed
Users Toa Nuva Tahu
Function Channels his Fire powers, defense, melee combat

Tahu channeling his Fire powers through his Rotating Fire Blades
The set form of the Rotating Fire Blades

The Rotating Fire Blades were a form of Toa Nuva Tahu's adaptive Protosteel Toa Tool, gifted to him along with his Adaptive Armor by Artakha. They could channel Tahu's Elemental Powers and be used as a defensive or offensive tool by rotating quickly. The adaptive weapon changed to resemble Tahu's original Fire Sword after he was devolved back to a Toa Mata.

Example Usage

Tahu channeled his Fire powers from the tips of the blades to create an explosive flare as a signal in Swamp of Shadows.

Set Information

The Rotating Fire Blades were released in summer 2008, included with the Tahu Nuva Mistika set. The weapon is comprised of six total pieces and is capable of rotating.