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"It was a happy day indeed when the being now code-named Ravager was brought to the shores of my island. True, he did escape his handlers and proceed to destroy roughly one-third of the base. But did I order him dismembered on the spot? No. I suppose I am just soft-hearted."
The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

External Image

Dark Hunter Ravager.png
Dark Hunter
Powers None
Tools Sword and shield
Status Alive

"Ravager" is a powerful Dark Hunter with no memory of his past.


Ravager was first found on an unknown island wandering along the coastline, and was brought to Odina, where he escaped his captors and went on a rampage, destroying nearly a third of the base there. Seeing the potential in him, the Shadowed One inducted him into the Dark Hunters rather than executing him.

The Shadowed One has attempted multiple times to recover his memories so that he can recruit more of Ravager's species.

Along with the surviving residents of the Matoran Universe, Ravager evacuated the Great Spirit Robot after the Battle of Bara Magna.

Abilities and Traits

Apart from his enormous strength, Ravager has a tail equipped with a poisonous stinger. Ravager does not respond well to inactivity, usually destroying his surroundings when he gets bored. As such, he is constantly kept active.


Ravager wields a seemingly sentient sword and a shield with the power to alter their strength to match foes and obstacles. They will automatically increase their strength without any visible command from Ravager, leading some to believe they are capable of conscious thought.