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"A friendly place we have here. Heavily defended, home to several hundred killers, and unfailingly lethal to trespassers, but friendly."
Toa Mangai Nidhiki, Birth of a Dark Hunter
External Image
Location Odina.png
Status Dismantled
Residents Dark Hunters (formerly)
Population Several hundred (formerly)
Assigned Makuta Makuta Vamprah
Position East-northeast of the Southern Continent
Pronunciation oh-DEE-nah

Odina was the island headquarters of the Dark Hunters in the Matoran Universe.


Odina was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe. It was originally inhabited by an unknown group and various types of Rahi.

During the early stages of the Dark Hunters, the Shadowed One and Ancient sought to find a location from which they could plant the seed of their organization. They chose Odina, as it was heavily barricaded by mountains and was very hard to breach. In the process of claiming the island, they drove off or killed most of the original inhabitants, including most of the Rahi; the Cliff Screecher was one of the only original species that remained.

Odina was equipped with weapons of many kinds, along with many training facilities where Dark Hunters were tested or trained. The Dark Hunters established many buildings, such as the Odina Fortress. Since its establishment as the headquarters of the Dark Hunters, the island became to focal point of a number of legends, one of which stated that the fortress was haunted by the ghosts of executed Dark Hunters.

Following the Matoran Civil War, the Makuta Vamprah was assigned to supervise the region, though the Dark Hunters remained undiscovered.

Odina acted as the command point for the Dark Hunters during their war against the Brotherhood of Makuta.

The Toa Nuva traveled to Odina to retrieve the Staff of Artakha, which had been stolen from the Onu-Metru Archives by the Dark Hunters. They were told by the Shadowed One that it had been sold to Xia as payment for a supply of weapons. He offered to exchange the Toa's freedom for them killing the treacherous Roodaka (a promise they did not keep).

When Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, the island was overrun by Rahkshi, although the Dark Hunters had already relocated themselves to Xia.

After Teridax's death and mass evacuation of the Matoran Universe, Odina, along with all other locations, was dismantled.

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Odina was attacked by the Toa Empire and many Dark Hunters were killed. However, the Shadowed One (with the help of Toa Naho), Darkness, Guardian, Primal, and some others escaped Odina. The Toa Empire then occupied the island, taking control of its base.


A training facility on Odina

Odina was surrounded by huge cliffs. A single pathway led down to Nidhiki Beach. Most of the island's southern barrens were covered by the Odina Fortress and training ground, along with many other facilities. The northern section was mountainous, and mostly uninhabited.

Odina Fortress

The fortress in which the Dark Hunters resided when they were not on missions, and from which the Shadowed One planned assignments for the Dark Hunters. The fortress contained the organizations' treasury.

Nidhiki Beach

Nidhiki Beach was the beach on Odina where Nidhiki was transformed from Toa into an insect-like monster by Roodaka. A path that led from the beach was the only way through the jagged peaks aside from climbing or flying.

Former Inhabitants

Original Inhabitants

Prior to the Dark Hunter's takeover of the island, another society of beings resided on Odina, but they were displaced by the Dark Hunters.

Dark Hunters

Dark Hunters were the primary residents of Odina. Old or new recruits were brought to Odina to be trained, punished or given assignments. When a potential recruit was invited to Odina, the recruit was blindfolded, or, in some cases, knocked unconscious, so that they did not know the way to the island if they failed to be recruited. The Dark Hunters later relocated to Xia.


There were few Rahi species native to Odina. One such species was the bat-like Cliff Screecher.


Odina was known to hold at least two beings captive: Toa Varian trapped in suspended animation in the Odina Fortress, and Mimic's companion in a dungeon.


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