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"I'm an engineer, not a poet."
— Nuparu, Bohrok Online Animations
External Image
Nuparu CGI.png
Occupation Archives Rahi Receiving Official
Kanohi Pakari
Tools Disk Launcher
Status Diminished
Pronunciation Noo-PAH-roo
Comic Toa Nuparu Inika.PNG
Toa Inika of Earth
Affiliation Toa Inika
Kanohi Great Kadin
Tools Laser Drill
Zamor Launcher
Status Transformed into a Toa Mahri
Pronunciation Noo-PAH-roo
Set number 8729
Comic9cover nuparu.PNG
Toa Mahri of Earth
Affiliation Toa Mahri
Kanohi Great Volitak
Tools Aqua Blaster Blade
Razor-Edged Protosteel Shield
Cordak Blaster
Status Alive
Location Aqua Magna
Pronunciation Noo-PAH-roo
Set number 8913
Animation Matoran Nuparu.png
Occupation Engineer
Kanohi Pakari
Status Rebuilt
Pronunciation Noo-PAH-roo
Set number 8556 (included with Boxor)
Occupation Engineer
Kanohi Pakari
Status Transformed into a Toa Inika
Pronunciation Noo-PAH-roo

Nuparu was an inventive Onu-Matoran native to Metru Nui, the Toa Inika of Earth, and is currently the Toa Mahri of Earth.



Metru Nui

Nuparu was employed as a Rahi Receiving Official at one of the Onu-Metru Airship, Chute, and boat docks, but he always spent his spare time dreaming and designing new inventions, and would sometimes sneak off into the Archives sublevels to collect parts to make his machines. He was responsible for the designing of the Kralhi, which were less successful law-enforcers than their successors, the Vahki, and were later dubbed "Nuparu's Folly". The Vahki, however, were one of his most notable creations. After the Vahki, he secretly designed the elite Kranua for Turaga Dume.

Nuparu's curiosity sometimes got the better of him. Sometimes, though, it would lead him to new heights. While Nuparu was searching for random Rahkshi pieces in the Archives sub-level, Nuparu stumbled upon a leak in one of the sea walls which could have burst, causing Liquid Protodermis to flood in. He rushed to Toa Whenua and the Toa Metru came to help. There they encountered Krahka, the shape-shifting Rahi. After the Toa left to stop this threat, Nuparu vowed to someday create something that would help the Matoran defend themselves, without help from Toa. He later accomplished this on Mata Nui, when he created the Boxor.

Shortly before the Great Cataclysm, Nuparu was captured by the Vahki and forcefully placed in a Matoran Sphere, under the orders of Makuta Teridax who was disguised as Turaga Dume. He was later rescued by the Toa Metru and brought to the island of Mata Nui.

Mata Nui

Like all the Metru Nui Matoran, Nuparu had his power and size decreased by a Matoran pod. However, this did not affect Nuparu's ability as an inventor. He participated in the construction of Onu-Koro under Turaga Whenua's guidance, working with pieces from the Airships used by the Toa in the Great Rescue.[BW]

As the 2nd Class Tunnel Engineer for the 12th Marn Tunnel in Onu-Koro's 4th Section, Nuparu had a great duty, and worked hard throughout the long years underground. The Matoran trusted Nuparu to build inventions and machines for the village.

Nuparu's appearance after being forced into a Matoran Sphere
Bohrok Invasion

During the Bohrok invasion, when the Gahlok attacked Onu-Koro, Taipu and Onepu were making sure everyone got out alive. Nuparu, however, did not get to the exit quick enough. The three of them ended up trapped in a cave. After finding a Lightstone, they were all surprised by an inactive Gahlok whose Krana had been taken away. At first Onepu thought that Nuparu was not contributing to the escape efforts, but actually Nuparu had taken out his tools, which included a Heatstone, and started to take apart the humbled Bohrok. The other two Onu-Matoran helped him rebuild the Bohrok into the new Boxor vehicle. He tested his new invention by knocking out the rock wall and some Gahlok inside the mine. Soon these Boxors were being mass-produced to help the Matoran fight the Bohrok, especially during the Battle for Le-Koro. Nuparu attempted to use them during the Attack on Ga-Koro but fell into the water after the Pahrak tipped the lily pad, and the pilots had to be rescued.

After The Rebuilding, Nuparu modified the Boxors slightly so they could better fit the Matoran's new forms.

Arrival of the Rahkshi

When the Rahkshi attacked Onu-Koro, Nuparu and the other Matoran were evacuated from the village.

Nuparu was granted permission to bring several of his Boxors with him on the return to Metru Nui, so he could continue to build them using the Bohrok there, and so his fellow Matoran could continue to use them in their defenses. Regretting that he was never able to see and examine a full Exo-Toa, he also secretly salvaged pieces of those robots, and smuggled them onto the boats without anyone's knowledge.


Toa Inika

After a strike which occurred on Metru Nui, Jaller gathered Nuparu, along with Hahli, Hewkii, Matoro, and Kongu, and took off to find the missing Toa Nuva after Turaga Nokama told Jaller about the missing Toa. The six Matoran journeyed to the realm of Karzahni with Takanuva. They traveled through an Underwater Chute, and passed unharmed through the Tunnel of Darkness. However, they encountered a stone arch that would not allow any light to pass through, thus separating the Matoran from Takanuva.

After the separation, the six Matoran journeyed into the realm alone. There, they encountered the Manas Crabs and were captured by Karzahni, where their masks were switched with ones of given by Karzahni. The six Matoran were placed briefly in servitude, when the Matoran discovered the Matoran builder of the Toa Canisters. The Matoran led them to six Toa Canisters, where Nuparu figured out how to use them. After another brief encounter with Karzahni, the Matoran escaped from the realm using the canisters.

Upon arriving on Voya Nui, the six Matoran were transformed into the Toa Inika after being struck by lightning from the Red Star. The Toa Inika then journeyed onto the island, where they found out about their special Toa abilities (glowing faces, etc.). The Toa then journeyed into the island, and confronted with Vezok. After defeating the Piraka, they met with the Voya Nui Resistance Team.

The Toa Inika then split into three different teams. Nuparu, along with Kongu, Velika and Garan were on one team, and they launched an attack on the Piraka Stronghold. They were later reunited with the other Toa Inika, where they started a fierce battle with the Piraka. During the battle, Nuparu defeated Zaktan by plunging him into the sea.

Nuparu flying with Zaktan's Protodites behind him

After being defeated by Hakann and Thok, who managed to suck Brutaka's powers and channel into themselves, the Toa and the four remaining Piraka followed. Another battle took place once more, with the Toa able to return the powers back to Brutaka but being knocked out in the process.

After awakening, the Toa Inika began to descend down the 777 Stairs. Along the journey, the Toa Inika encountered guardians such as Umbra, and traps such as the Chamber of Death. The Toa were able to pass through all the challenges, and faced the Piraka at the Lava Chamber Gate. After being defeated once more, the Toa Inika stormed into the Chamber of Life, where they found the Piraka being defeated by Vezon and Fenrakk. The Toa fought against the two beasts as well, only for Fenrakk to be transformed into the much stronger Kardas Dragon. Jaller ordered Kongu to use his mask power to read the mind of the Mask of Life. To everyone's surprise, the Ignika did not want Vezon to be its guardian anymore, but rather it wanted Matoro. Because of this, Vezon went into a frenzy. In Vezon's temporary moment of pure insanity, Jaller was able to use a special Zamor Sphere, given to them by Axonn, on them. Matoro was then able to retrieve the Mask of Life, but he lost his grip when he was hit by a concussive blast made by the now-revived Kardas Dragon. The Toa Inika then raced behind the Mask of Life as it journeyed out of the chamber, eventually plunging into the sea. Toa Hahli tried to retrieve it, but the pressure was too much, and she nearly drowned, but was saved by a Matoran. After a reunion with the Toa Nuva, it was decided that the Toa Inika shall continue their search for the mask, while the Toa Nuva would leave on their own mission. The Toa Inika then journeyed down the Cord, where they were transformed into Toa Mahri by the Kanohi Ignika.

Toa Mahri

Nuparu as a Toa Mahri

Upon first entering the water, Nuparu and the other Mahri were confronted by a giant Venom Eel, enlarged by the Mask of Life. Their masks and tools altered, they were forced to adjust to the change in the middle of combat. After a brief battle, Hewkii used his Garai to sink the creature to the bottom of the ocean. They then proceeded towards Mahri Nui, immediately conflicting with the local Matoran. Jaller eventually convinced them that they were not there to harm them, and had Matoro converse with the head of their council. The rest of the Toa set out to free the Fields of Air, as per their agreement with Defilak. Unfortunately, they were captured by the Barraki, and imprisoned in small coves guarded by various sea creatures commanded by the Barraki. Utilizing their masks and powers, the Toa escaped their confinement, and split up to search the ocean. Nuparu stumbled upon a cave filled with weapons. Testing a Cordak Blaster, Nuparu deemed it satisfactory, and added it to their arsenal. Hewkii met up with him then, and, taking a load of Cordak Blasters, found the other Toa, who each took a blaster, with Kongu forgoing his melee weapon for a second one.

While exploring, Nuparu and Hewkii were silently ambushed by Ehlek, who captured the Toa of Stone. As Nuparu began a search for his companion, he was blasted with electricity by Ehlek before passing out. Upon awakening, Hewkii found himself being attacked by albino eels, and quickly woke Nuparu. Nuparu then devised a plan and set it into motion, creating a pillar of earth to raise them up to the top of the chasm while Hewkii fended off the eels with his Cordak Blaster. At the surface, they were again ambushed by Ehlek and a portion of his army. However, Hewkii used his Garai to send a few passing Takea sharks into the midst of the eels, igniting a battle between the eels and the sharks. Using the battle as a distraction, the two Toa made their escape.

Toa Mahri Nuparu

Nuparu and Hewkii then joined their fellow Toa, where they were informed that the Cord needed to be destroyed as part of their task to save Mata Nui. To save the Matoran, the Toa led them up the Cord to Voya Nui. Along the way, they were ambushed by the Piraka, who had been mutated into being just heads and spines. They were saved by a timely blast of electricity from Axonn, who took the Piraka into custody and brought the Matoran and Toa to Voya Nui. Axonn informed the Toa that he would hide the Matoran on Voya Nui, and took the Toa to a chamber containing the Toa Terrain Crawler, which transported them back to Mahri Nui. Nuparu helped Hahli delay the Barraki, and the two went to the aid of Hewkii, who was losing against the Gadunka. They won the fight, and prepared to destroy the Cord, but were interrupted by the revived Gadunka, the enlarged Venom Eel, and an ancient creature that Kongu had summoned earlier. With the others knocked out, Nuparu attempted to delay Gadunka, but was struck down by the creature. Gadunka tried to grab the Ignika from Matoro's hands, but the mask shrunk him down to his normal size.

Revived, the Mahri proceeded to destroy the Cord, despite a short confrontation with Dekar-Hydraxon. Its anchor destroyed, Voya Nui plunged into the sea and crushed Mahri Nui, before shooting off deeper into the ocean. Nuparu and the others followed it, until they were stopped by the Barraki. At this moment, Mata Nui died. The Toa, however, were determined that it could not end this way. As Matoro hurried after Voya Nui with the Ignika, the other Toa Mahri attempted to delay the Barraki long enough for Matoro to get where he had to go. As a last act of friendship before he died, Matoro used the Ignika to transport the other Toa Mahri back to Metru Nui, just in time to save their lives. Nuparu was the first to discover Matoro missing, and they were soon after informed by Vakama that he was dead. At the memorial service, Nuparu delivered a eulogy for his fallen comrade, and later assisted Hewkii in constructing a statue in Matoro's honor.

After returning to Metru Nui, Nuparu and the other Toa Mahri became its new guardians, having fulfilled their destiny. In doing so, they defeated and captured the Kardas after it ventured to Metru Nui. Following that event, Nuparu went in search of Takanuva with Hahli, Kongu, and Hewkii. Unable to find him, they returned to the island-city, and were soon confronted by the Toa Hagah, who had arrived to destroy the Coliseum. Despite Bomonga's superior experience, Nuparu was able to avoid him using his Mask of Stealth until Kualus exposed him with a snowstorm, and even then continued to attack the other Toa of Earth. The conflict was halted when a giant Rahi summoned by Kualus to grab Nuparu escaped his control due to an attack by Hahli, resulting in Nuparu being thrown so hard that only skillful manipulation of Gravity by Hewkii prevented his death. Once the beast had been defeated, Nuparu worked together with Jaller, Norik, and Pouks to create a tunnel under the lifted Coliseum to allow the Hagah to travel beneath the city in search of Makuta Teridax.

Afterwards, they were contacted by a female Order of Mata Nui member with the Heart of the Visorak, who informed them that told that the Visorak were on their way to Metru Nui because of the artifact. She tasked them with going to Artidax with the Heart, and Nuparu left with Hahli and Jaller to the far south while Hewkii and Kongu remained in Metru Nui. Once they arrived at Artidax, they discovered Takadox somehow escaped and was also on the island. Takadox then used his hypnosis, and though Nuparu tried to use his shield to protect his eyes, Jaller and Hahli had already succumbed to his will and forced Nuparu to look. Once Takadox had them trapped on the island, he escaped by taking their boat.

Not long after they had been hypnotized, Nuparu was awoken by Jaller who had fired a small fireball at him. He and his allies momentarily discussed what to do, and decided that jumping into the sea and avoiding the explosion and the clutches of the Visorak. They fought their way back into the sea just as the volcano erupted. With the Visorak horde destroyed, the three swam back to Metru Nui.

Upon arriving, they immediately joined the Siege of Metru Nui. Nuparu used his Earth powers to break through the army of Rahkshi and make it through the walls. There, Turaga Vakama briefed them on the situation. Nuparu and the other Toa fended off the Brotherhood, eventually emerging as the victors. Shortly afterward, it was revealed that they had won the battle but lost the war, as Makuta Teridax had seized control of Mata Nui's body.

Teridax's Reign
Nuparu aiding in the defense of Metru Nui

While still in Metru Nui, Nuparu joined in the effort to fend off the invading Rahkshi of Heat Vision forces led by the Skakdi warlord Nektann, who had joined forces with Teridax. He was contacted by Takanuva, who sought his help in fixing a teleportation device used by the Makuta. Nuparu traveled to Destral, but was unable to get the device working again.

Nuparu later went with the other Toa Mahri to Zakaz to check for other Skakdi dissenters like Nektann. The Toa infiltrated an underground Skakdi lair, and Nuparu sensed something moving underground. Seconds later, a giant cylinder of Energized Protodermis emerged from the ground. Skakdi then entered carrying several slaves, consisting of a Zyglak, Vortixx, a Stelt laborer, and the five Piraka, who were thrown into the Energized Protodermis. The Golden-Skinned Being emerged, and demanded a meal. The Skakdi eagerly mobbed around it, while the Mahri prepared to act. However, the fusion made the Skakdi's dreams real, and the Toa Mahri were soon entranced by its power. Nuparu and the other Mahri dropped their weapons and headed towards the Skakdi to offer their servitude.

Spherus Magna

After Teridax was defeated, Nuparu and the other Toa Mahri left the Matoran Universe with the Skakdi and the Skakdi Fusion and arrived on Spherus Magna. The Skakdi traveled to the coast of Aqua Magna, where the fusion created a vast fortress, and took up residence in this fortress.

Shortly afterwards, Annona attacked the fortress and consumed the dream energy of every Skakdi in the fortress, driving them mad. The golden being's power automatically granted the maddened Skakdi's dreams, causing the fortress to dissolve and aberrations to appear in the region. During the confusion, the golden being's hold on the Toa Mahri was broken, and Nuparu was released from his trance.[1]

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Nuparu was working with Nuju on a project for space travel in order to find new lands to populate.

Abilities and Traits

Nuparu is a master engineer, and feels at ease when surrounded by machinery he can tinker with, continuing this passion even as a Toa. He also has a great passion for learning, and saw being a Toa as an opportunity to explore new places and study new things and creatures. While this fascination could sometimes distract him from the task at hand, Nuparu's resourcefulness saved his friends many times over.

As the Toa Inika of Earth, Nuparu gained natural Earth powers, though it was entwined with lightning, due to his unnatural transformation by the Red Star.

After entering the Pit and being transformed by the Ignika, he and the other Toa became water breathers and lost their lightning powers. They also lost their ability to wear regular Kanohi, as their modified Mahri Kanohi were essential to their water breathing systems.[2][3] When Matoro used the Ignika's power to teleport the other Toa Mahri to Metru Nui, he made Nuparu and his teammates amphibious so that they could breathe on land or in water, and Nuparu regained the ability to wear regular Kanohi.[4]

Mask and Tools

Nuparu's mask as a Toa Inika was the Kanohi Kadin, the Mask of Flight, which allowed him to fly under his own power. Nuparu was a bit shaky with this skill at first, but grew accustomed to it; he once defeated Zaktan with his Kadin by flying through him and pulling his Protodites along.

As a Toa Inika, Nuparu had a Laser Drill which could channel his elemental power intertwined with Lightning, or release a laser blast. He had a pair of Claws for digging, which were part of his hands. He also had a shoulder-mounted Zamor launcher that was loaded with Energized Protodermis.

When the Mask of Life transformed Nuparu into a Toa Mahri, his Kanohi Kadin became a Kanohi Volitak, Great Mask of Stealth, which allows the user to become almost completely invisible, while muting any sounds they make. While underwater, Nuparu is unable to wear regular Kanohi, but can switch Kanohi with the other Toa Mahri if need be.[3][4] His Laser Drill was also transformed into a Razor-Edged Protosteel Shield which is sharp enough to penetrate a Makuta's armor, and an Aqua Blaster Blade, which can emit powerful shockwaves. His claws and Zamor Launcher were lost during the transformation, however. In their place Nuparu equipped himself with a Cordak Blaster. He did not bring the blaster on the Toa Mahri's spy mission to Zakaz as the weapon is too big and loud.[5][6] The weapon's current status is unknown. Stats


Set Information

Toa Inika Nuparu as a set

Nuparu was first released in 2002 as part of the Boxor set. The Nuparu set used seven of the 157 total pieces.

Nuparu was later released in summer 2006 as one of the Toa Inika canister sets consisting of fifty-four pieces. In this form he featured a shoulder-mounted Zamor launcher loaded with four Zamor spheres varying in color from yellow to red. The set also included his Laser Drill, which contained a flashing strobe light in the center. Nuparu Inika could also be combined with Toa Hewkii and Toa Hahli to create the Jovan model.

Toa Mahri Nuparu was released in the Summer of 2007 as a canister set consisting of fifty-nine pieces. In his left hand he wielded a Cordak Blaster whose chambers held six mini-rockets, while three more mini-rockets were stored on his right arm which held his Razor-Edged Protosteel Shield.

Toa Mahri Nuparu as a set

Toa Mahri Nuparu could be combined with the Mantax, Carapar, and Matoro Mahri sets in order to create the Manutri model.

A Toa Inika Nuparu minifigure was released in the 2006 playsets Piraka Stronghold, Lava Chamber Gate, and Race for the Mask of Life (the last of which was non-canon). A Toa Mahri Nuparu minifigure was then released in 2007 in the Toa Terrain Crawler and Toa Undersea Attack playsets. This featured a recolored minifigure Kanohi Faxon rather than a Kanohi Volitak. However, a minifigure Kanohi Volitak was released in the 2007 playsets, although only in white, yellow-orange, and green rather than silver.

Nuparu was also part of McDonald's BIONICLE "Happy Meal" promotion in 2006 and 2007. The Laser Drill of the 2006 Toa Inika Nuparu toy lit up when a button on the side was pressed, and the claw on the left hand was poseable. The shield of the 2007 Toa Mahri Nuparu toy was able to freely pivot on the hand.


"As soon as he had returned the Kanohi to his face, the light went out. 'That was strange,' he said, his inventor's curiosity piqued.
'That was your face,' answered Hewkii.
'Very funny,' said Nuparu. 'You're no vision of beauty yourself, Hewkii.'
— Narrator, Power Play
"Remember that time I was hanging upside down in a swamp hole, just above some hungry mud crawlers? You know, the ones with the acidic tongues and the breath that smells like Tarakava that's been out in the sun too long?"
"Sure, what about it?"
"Those were the good old days, huh?"
— Nuparu and Kongu, Inferno
"Oh, I've been crazy for years... Ask anyone."
— Nuparu to Zaktan, Showdown
"I know a way out ... it involves explosions ... lots of explosions..."
— Nuparu to Hewkii, Prisoners of the Pit
"I've never had an island fall-drop on my head before. This should be interesting."
"New day, new experience."
— Kongu and Nuparu, Downfall


  • The Toa Mahri Nuparu set was originally to wield a shield and the Aqua Blaster Blade, the final product only having the shield. However, Nuparu is still depicted as having the Aqua Blaster Blade in Downfall. The Aqua Blaster Blade was later the subject of a fan competition, the winning design being Terakk's.


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