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Mask of Growth

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"Bomonga's Mask of Growth allowed him to reach almost the size of the creature, but he could not match the Tahtorak in sheer strength."
— Narrator, Dwellers In Darkness
Mask of Growth
Title Mask of Growth
Powers Lets user grow larger
Component disks Enlargement
Bearers Bomonga

The Mask of Growth is a Kanohi that allows its user to grow larger, up to a maximum height of sixty feet. The user's strength will grow directly in proportion to their enlarged size, although at maximum size they are still not as strong as a Kanohi Pakari-user. The user's tools/weapons will also grow larger as well.

On Metru Nui, Masks of Growth are made from Enlargement Kanoka.

Example Usage

Bomonga used his Mask of Growth to make himself the same size as the Tahtorak of Metru Nui in Dwellers In Darkness.