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Welcome to BIONICLEsector01 (Or BS01 Wiki / BS01 for short), the largest database of BIONICLE information in the world that you can look up anytime and anywhere. The Wiki is kept up-to-date by editors like you, and with our excellent staff team, we ensure that all information presented is accurate and contained in an orderly Wiki. Once you become a member, you can discuss or ask questions regarding the Wiki on the Community Portal, go to Current Events to see the latest news, and join the rich Wiki community. Be sure to check the BS01 Policy before you edit anything - it provides the guidelines for the content posted! If you don't know where to start your editing, you can always check out the stub pages, where your contributions are needed. Also, if you are not sure of how to do a page layout, you can read the Page Setup Policy to find out. Also, use our tutorial for information on how to create, format, and edit pages!

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Important notices

As fun as it is, remember: NO leaked pictures or discussion! Stick to what we know, which is very, very little.

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Current Events


September 19, 2014

"It is told there exists a mask that will grant its bearer unspeakable power..."

Prepare yourselves... for BIONICLE.

Update: And the hits keep coming!

September 15, 2014

Why it just so happens to be the birthday of merciless slave driving overlord Swert! Go wish him an extra special happy birthday, since the poor sap has to go to work.

September 9, 2014


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BS01 Podcast

The BIONICLEsector01 Podcast is a Wiki Staff audio-show.

The Legend Reborn DVD Commentary

We're finally back with the last BIONICLE film commentary! Join us in watching The Legend Reborn to hear our thoughts about the film that tried (and failed) to reboot the BIONICLE franchise. As always, play the episode and wait for instructions on syncing the commentary with the film.

But wait, there just might be one more film commentary. What movie could that be? Listen in to find out, as well as to hear an announcement on the podcast's future. iTunes | Download

Participate in future episodes by going to BIONICLEsector01 talk:Podcast and filling out the sections for our various segments!

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  • The LEGO Message Boards Chat with GregF is always coming up with some new tidbit of information, and good fact-checkers for this are always welcome!
  • We have introduced a new citation system, so... get citing! We'll try and introduce a help page for it soon.

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Featured Chronicle

He is the mighty Tuma!... or so he would have you believe. Reduced to a few angry lines in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn, Tuma is nonetheless the primary antagonist of the 2009 saga, and a proper character in the supplemental material. The last of the warrior-class Skrall, Tuma is an almost sympathetic figure; burdened with the leadership of his species, and faced with their possible extinction, he has to make some hard choices. Unfortunately, his hard choices involve the general pillaging and sacking of major Bara Magna cities and otherwise trying to claim the entirety of the planet's resources for himself. Still, as villains go, he at least had a solid motive rather than being evil for the sake of evil.

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Did you know...

  • Matoro was said to have a good singing voice as a Matoran?
  • Greg Farshtey once used the name Teridax for one of his World of Warcraft characters?
  • that you can submit cool, quirky facts to us on the Main Page talk?

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Featured Image

Comic Phantoka Promo.png
Dueling Phantoka

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Featured Quote

"So who are you, exactly?"
"My name is... ah... Toa Vezon. I'm the Toa of... of... Anarchy."
— Alternate Tarduk and Vezon, Reign of Shadows