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Other Locations
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Other Locations

There are many Other Locations in the BIONICLE storyline's prime reality which have less significance compared to the rest. This could range from locations which were briefly sighted or mentioned, or locations where notable events occurred but very little information is generally known about them.

Matoran Universe

Airwatcher's Homeland

Airwatcher's homeland; here he killed one of the two Dark Hunters assigned to collect him.

Barraki Fortresses

The Barraki Fortresses were fortified strongholds constructed and used by the Barraki. Many were constructed while the Barraki were still operating as the League of Six Kingdoms, and another was constructed on the floor of Aqua Magna, where it was destroyed by Mahri Nui landing on it.

Brutaka's Homeland

The land where Brutaka and his species originated from. Brutaka was once a prominent figure there.

Conjurer's Kingdom

A land distant from Odina, populated by Matoran. Conjurer gained power over them using advanced technology he described as "magic."

Destroyed Island

An island destroyed by the Vortixx due to its interference with the routes to Xia. There were no sentient beings living on it, but a number of rare Rahi were wiped out.

Firedracax's Homeland

Firedracax's homeland; destroyed by the Visorak.

Gatherer's Homeland

This location is the home of some Matoran, who were once led by Gatherer. Here Gatherer got in the way of a Dark Hunter operation and was promptly captured.

Guardian's Homeland

This island was engulfed in war when Guardian was a resident. Guardian's tribe was betrayed by one of their own, not long before Guardian's departure.

Ice Covered Island

This island is an icy land and was overrun by the Visorak.

Island Near Artakha

A large island that was once connected to the island of Artakha by a land bridge. Both the island and the land bridge were destroyed by Artakha's inhabitants following the Raid on Artakha.

Island Near Metru Nui

An island within swimming distance of Metru Nui. Naho once swam here at the beginning of the Toa/Dark Hunter War. She dragged herself up to the local Turaga and asked for assistance for Metru Nui.

Island Near Stelt

An island with a Matoran village that was attacked by Vultraz. During the raid, two Matoran were killed and twelve more were injured.

Kalmah's Fortress

Kalmah's fortress, from which he commanded his armies during the reign of the League of Six Kingdoms. It was in the northwestern region of the universe, and was reduced to rubble when the League was defeated.

Krahka's Homeland

The island where Krahka's species originated from. The island was once a peaceful and green one, but was trampled by the Visorak.

Lesovikk's Homeland

The island where Lesovikk was from. The Turaga of this island went insane, sending all the resident Matoran - including Sarda, Idris, Dekar and Defilak - to Karzahni.

Lurker's Homeland

Lurker's homeland. It is a "primitive" world where murderers are banished from the island.

Makuta Fortress

A Brotherhood Fortress which stored the Plan.

Matoran Residential Island

An island which was attacked by Poison. Nothing is known about this island except that there are resident Matoran and a squad of Toa.

Mimic's Homeland

The island where Mimic and his species come from. This island was once ravaged by a natural disasters.

Nocturn's Homeland

A small island, which was once the home of Nocturn's species. Nocturn, in a fit of rage, struck the island's weak spot, breaking it in half.

Primal's Homeland

The land where Primal and his tribe lived. It was destroyed by Visorak, and is where Primal led a small band of survivors against them.

Energized Protodermis Entity's Island

Southern Islands

Energized Protodermis Entity's Island

The northernmost island of the Great Spirit's left leg, this island is inhabited by numerous Rahi created by the Energized Protodermis Entity. The island prominently features a large cavern, and inside is a giant lake of Energized Protodermis, where the entity resides.

Keetongu and Tahtorak's Homeland

In the eastern chain of southern islands, there is a landmass that is the Tahtorak's homeland. It was also the home of Keetongu's race, who used the Tahtorak species as mounts. Keetongu's species were wiped out when the island was invaded by Visorak, and he is the only known member of his species still alive. After the Matoran Civil War, Makuta Miserix assigned Makuta Chirox to watch over the region that included this island.

Keetongu and Tahtorak's Homeland

The Shadowed One and Ancient's Homeland

A once-peaceful land, until Ancient started a dirty-job business, which threw it into civil war. The Shadowed One once described it as "a land of shadows and ice, a place that was never 'blessed' by the loving gaze of Mata Nui."

Spinner's Land

The land where Spinner and his Toa team fought mutated Rahkshi. Little is known about it, except that it has a very deep pit. It is a place Spinner and his team were visiting, not their homeland.

Toa Fortress

The Toa Fortress is a fortress where the Makoki Stone was once guarded. It is a tower on a barren, windswept rock in Frostelus territory. The tower is built near a cliff towering 3000 Bio above a river.

A Toa of Gravity's Homeland

This location was the homeland of a Toa of Gravity and an unknown Turaga; Lariska killed the Toa, and the Turaga fled. Other inhabitants are unknown.

A Toa of Plasma's Homeland

An island due south of the Southern Continent and where the Toa of Plasma was attacked by Zaktan.

Tuyet's Homeland

The island where Toa Mangai Tuyet originally came from. The Nui Stone ended up at this location before Tuyet brought it to Metru Nui.

Tyrant's Home Island

The island where Tyrant and his species come from. It is a small island south of Odina.

Wooded Island

A small, wooded island just off the Southern Continent. It was the original rendezvous site for the arming of Brutaka's team, until Makuta Icarax arrived and killed Botar.

Spherus Magna

Fortress Island

Not much is known about this island. Krakua will one day protect it. The entire island has been converted into a single fortress.