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Alternate Locations
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Alternate Locations

Aside from the prime reality, there are also an infinite amount of other realities in the BIONICLE storyline, each inhabiting its own universe and locations within them. This page lists out the known alternate realities, labeled as Alternate Locations.

Alternate Universes

Alternate Timelines are spawned from an act or choice made in the primary universe; for every decision made there, an alternate timeline exists where a different choice or outcome occurred. This list includes only the Alternate Timelines that have been visited by residents of the prime universe.

The Melding Alternate Universe

The Melding Alternate Universe is an alternate universe in which the Great Spirit Mata Nui was never built. It diverged from the prime reality before the planet of Spherus Magna was destroyed by the Shattering.

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

This alternate universe diverged from the prime reality when the Brotherhood decided to remain benevolent, the Great Spirit Mata Nui's task was never interfered with. Mata Nui went to Bara Magna and traveled north to complete his mission to repair Spherus Magna.

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

The Toa Empire Alternate Universe is an alternate universe which diverged from the prime reality during Toa Mangai Tuyet's betrayal involving the Nui Stone on Metru Nui. Toa ruled the universe in a oppressive dictatorship, led by Tuyet. Here, Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta act as freedom fighters.

Metru Nui



For a full list of locations, please go here.

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

The Kingdom is situated in an alternate universe that diverged from the prime reality when Toa Mahri Matoro failed to use the Kanohi Ignika and Mata Nui died, forcing most of the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe to migrate to the island of Mata Nui to escape the collapse of the Matoran Universe.

Mata Nui

The island of Mata Nui has been extended and strengthened after the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe migrated here. It serves as the home of almost every single species which lived in the Matoran Universe.



Great Furnace

Walls of History

For a full list of locations on Mata Nui, go here.

Great Spirit Makuta Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, the Great Beings built a forty-million foot tall mechanical being they had named Makuta. However, his brother, Mata Nui, was plotting a rebellion against him.

Doom Viper Alternate Universe

This was the alternate universe into which Brutaka sent a Doom Viper. The Doom Viper was sent into a particularly lethal area in this alternate universe.[1]

Pocket Dimensions

Pocket Dimensions are minor worlds that bear little or no relation to the core universe and its offshoots; they are not created by differing timelines and may be host to entirely different conditions than the universe of Solis Magna.

Field of Shadows

The City of Silver Pocket Dimension.
The Field of Shadows is a pocket dimension which is void of light. Only the Zivon naturally resides here.

Dimensions of Meaningless Time and Space

The Dimensions of Meaningless Time and Space are other dimensions that Toa Nuva Gali saw when Dalu severely enhanced Gali's vision with her Chargers. In these dimensions, concepts such as time and space have no meaning. Seeing these dimensions drove Gali into madness. Some of the dimensions with meaningless time and space are inhabited, though they are life forms unlike anything seen before.[2]

City of Silver Pocket Dimension

The City of Silver Pocket Dimension is a pocket dimension that Takanuva journeyed to using Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak. It has two races of sapient beings, the City-Building Creatures and Kestora, as well as a mysterious entity resembling a Spectral Mask.

Dimension of Light

The Dimension of Light is a pocket dimension which is populated by beings of solid Light. The occupants feed on Shadow and, according to Brutaka, are always hungry.

Dimensions of Makuta Mass

These are dimensions to which Makuta shift unused mass when they shapeshift. Each Makuta has their own personal dimension and cannot access the mass of others.

Tuyet's Prison

This is a pocket dimension where Toa Mangai Tuyet was held captive for 1,500 years. It is entirely devoid of any Toa, so she was not able to absorb their power with the Nui Stone as the Order of Mata Nui interrogated her to learn the stone's secrets.

World of Annona's Doom

This world was created as part of a truce between Annona and the Skakdi Fusion after their conflict reached a stalemate. The world was imagined by Sahmad, who devised it so that Annona would be unwittingly sent to her doom. It is populated by Annona and a multitude of beings like herself, who feed on the dreams of others and drive them mad. As there are no other dreaming beings to consume, this world's inhabitants are expected to go extinct within a year.


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