Lava Spear

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External Image
Lava Spear
Set Lava Spear.png
Users Norik
Function Channeling his Fire powers
Creating lava
Heating/cooling objects
Melee combat
Status In use

Norik using the Lava Spear
The Lava Spear as seen in the comics

The Lava Spear is Toa Hagah Norik's Toa Tool, which can be used to focus his Elemental Power of Fire or function as a melee weapon. The spear itself has the ability to release a concentrated beam of lava. It can also remove all of the heat from an object instantly, or superheat it to the point of melting.

This tool was transformed into a Rahaga Staff upon Norik's transformation into a Rahaga, but it has been restored on his transformation back into a Toa.

Example Usage

In a flashback depicted in Birth of the Rahaga, Norik used his Lava Spear to defeat Visorak during his and fellow Toa Hagah Iruini's Raid on the Destral Fortress.

Set Information

The Lava Spear is constructed from four of the pieces that were included with the special edition Toa Hagah Norik set. Toa Norik's hand piece is used to join the two axles that make up the pole of the spear.

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