Laser Harpoon

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External Image
Laser Harpoon
Comic Laser Harpoon.png
Function Channels her Water powers
Users Hahli
Status Transformed

Hahli firing the Laser Harpoon
The Laser Harpoon in set form

The Laser Harpoon was Toa Inika Hahli's weapon. It could be used to channel her Elemental Powers of Water and fire blasts of water mixed with electricity. The Laser Harpoon was transformed into the Protosteel Talons by the Ignika's power when Hahli transformed into a Toa Mahri.

Example Usage

In Showdown, Hahli used her Laser Harpoon to shoot a mix of Lightning and Water at Piraka Thok.

Set Information

The Laser Harpoon was included in the Toa Inika Hahli set. By pressing a black button on the side of the Laser Harpoon, a green strobe light can be activated for a short time. The batteries can also be replaced.

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