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"He is extremely ambitious and has more than once ignored his mission objectives in the interests of his own profit. The last time this happened, I had Vezok show him how easily armor can be shattered when you know how."
The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

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Dark Hunter Kraata-Kal.png
Dark Hunter
Powers Fire, Water, and Shadow powers
Tools Flame Sword and Kanoka Launcher
Status Alive
Pronunciation KRAH-tah-KAHL

Kraata-Kal is the result of a Brotherhood of Makuta experiment, and is now a Dark Hunter.


Kraata-Kal is the result of an experiment performed by Makuta Teridax, where he exposed a Kraata to the same substance that is used to transform Krana into Krana-Kal. The result was a being of much higher intelligence than the average Kraata, with a wider array of powers. Teridax then constructed a suit of armor for Kraata-Kal, which included a number of weapons.

The Kraata-Kal later escaped Teridax and was soon recruited by the Dark Hunters. However, he would often ignore a mission's objective in pursuit of personal profit. To punish him for this, the Shadowed One once permitted Vezok to attack Kraata-Kal and damage his armor.

Kraata-Kal was part of the team tracking down the Piraka following their desertion of the organization. After the sinking of Voya Nui, the team returned to Odina, and later relocated to Xia at the order of the Shadowed One.

Kraata-Kal, along with the surviving residents of the Matoran Universe, evacuated the Great Spirit Robot for Spherus Magna, subsequent to it being critically damaged as a result of a battle.

Abilities and Traits

Kraata-Kal has an extremely high intelligence and higher ambitions, but is very stubborn and rebellious. He has elemental control over Shadow, Water, and Fire, and is larger than the average Kraata. To prevent damage to his organic tissue and to allow himself to move more easily, he wears a suit of armor built for him by Makuta Teridax.


Kraata-Kal's armor is fitted with various blades, teeth, and claws he can use in close-range combat. He also wields both a double-bladed flame sword and a Kanoka Launcher.



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