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"Fire provides no warmth, while the touch of ice burns. Dust falls cascade over mountains while pools of water sit unmoving. Thunder makes no noise, but the sound of a gentle breeze can be deafening."
Toa Helryx, World
External Image
MU Karzahni.png
Status Dismantled
Inhabitants Karzahni
Manas (all formerly)
Population None
Assigned Makuta Makuta Icarax
Position Southeast of Metru Nui
Pronunciation KARR-zah-NEE

Karzahni was a realm in the Matoran Universe ruled by the tyrant Karzahni, after whom it was named.


The sand falls of Karzahni

Karzahni was built by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe. It was later chosen by the being Karzahni to serve as the realm that he would rule. He originally intended for the realm to be a place where damaged Matoran were sent to be repaired and subsequently returned to their homes.

However, Karzahni was inept at this, and rebuilt the Matoran weaker than they had been before. To compensate for his failures, he gave them weapons to help them defend themselves. Seeking to hide his shortcomings, Karzahni did not return the repaired Matoran to their homes, but instead sent them to other areas of the Matoran Universe, like the Southern Continent. Turaga noticed that Matoran sent to Karzahni did not return and consequently ceased sending the Matoran there. Karzahni was enraged by this and, blaming the Matoran for his failures, imprisoned the remaining Matoran in his realm, stripping them of their identities.

After the Matoran Civil War on Metru Nui, Makuta Miserix assigned Makuta to separate regions of the Matoran Universe to watch over. Makuta Icarax was assigned to Karzahni. Miserix chose this assignment because he knew that Icarax would not care about the Matoran who lived there. Following the Great Cataclysm, Icarax left the realm with a force of native Manas crabs to attempt conquest of the universe, but was thwarted by Teridax.

The Matoran Jaller, Matoro, Kongu, Hahli, Nuparu, and Hewkii, accompanied by Toa Takanuva attempted to pass through Karzahni on their way to Voya Nui. They entered through the Tunnel of Darkness and a stone gateway which prevented Takanuva from proceeding with them, so the Matoran were forced to proceed alone. After a brief stay in Karzahni, during which they lost their Kanohi, the Matoran fled using six Toa Canisters that had been stored in Karzahni. Karzahni then abandoned his realm, in order to follow the six Matoran.

An aerial view of an area in Karzahni

The Toa Nuva later traveled to Karzahni in pursuit of Icarax, who had stolen the Staff of Artakha. Upon arriving, Lewa and Onua comforted the Matoran and convinced them to travel to Metru Nui. When Icarax attacked the Toa, Gali unleashed a Nova Blast in desperation. Karzahni was completely flooded and destroyed, with the Toa Nuva only able to salvage Lhikan's Noble Hau, which had been taken from Jaller while he was there.

Tahu, Kopeke, Lariska, Guardian, Johmak, and Krahka assembled a camp in Karzahni where they could organize themselves against Teridax, who had taken control of the Matoran Universe. During their debate of their next move, Teridax discovered them and killed a straying Guardian by bonding him with earth and sealing him in a crevice. A dozen Exo-Toa arrived afterward, and the leader commanded to accompany them to Metru Nui for labor or be killed. However, after a fierce battle and the arrival of Onua, who made a crevice under the ground to defeat the last robots, the team decided to leave the realm, heading for a new mission.

After Teridax's death and mass evacuation of the Matoran Universe, Karzahni, along with all other locations, was dismantled.[OGQ: Dec 13 2010, 04:34 PM][1]

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Takanuva flew to meet, Jaller, Bomonga, and Kualus as they traveled through Karzahni when transporting the Vahi from Artakha to Metru Nui. The Toa caught Takanuva as a fake, but were ambushed by Lesovikk. The Toa of Air took the Vahi and with it, traveled with Takanuva to Metru Nui.


One of many forges in Karzahni

Karzahni was contained within its own dome. It was connected to the dome housing Metru Nui by a series of mountain ranges, a large stone gateway, and a short peninsula jutting into the dome. The gateway included a built-in barrier that barred beings bearing the elemental power of Light.

The location itself was very strange. The ground screamed at every step; other land features included volcanoes that spewed burning ice and waterfalls made out of dust rather than water. If a Matoran were to sit down, the rock upon which the Matoran sat would turn the Matoran into a statue. These statues, along with everything else in Karzahni, were destroyed by Gali Nuva's Nova Blast.



The Matoran living here were all damaged or in disrepair. Many of the Matoran had lost their minds or otherwise were too scared to do anything apart from following Karzahni. Workers in his forges would occasionally construct weapons for the realm's defense, but their ruler would more frequently instruct them to create useless objects which he would destroy and order them to make again.[2] Karzahni was also home to one of the builders of the Toa Canisters. Lewa and Onua later managed to convince the Matoran of Karzahni to depart the realm and travel to Metru Nui. There, they were repaired, and some departed for other parts of the universe.[3]


Karzahni was home to the following Rahi species:



"It is not a place one visits by choice... and it is not a place where one ever leaves."
— Toa Helryx, World
"This is a realm of shadow... of famine and plague and blight ... This is a world of darkness ... and there is no place for light."
— A carving (translated by Hahli), Dark Destiny


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